The weather thread


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I decided to walk home today since its fucking roasting. Sweat is actual pouring off me. I’m honestly not sure if I am still in Scotland :joy:

People shit on the UK’s beaches (in Southend’s case, sometimes literally) but we have some fucking lovely ones, we just rarely have the weather to back it up like you say. I often go to Tenby and some of the beaches round there in Wales are stunning.



Yeah, not a big fan of Southend’s beach. But like you say, this country does have a lot of nice beaches. England does actually have some really lovely places to visit.

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I went on a 6 day holiday to Norfolk recently, rented a bungalow. The beach there had barely anyone on it in this weather because I don’t think there’s any parking nearby and it was fucking lush.

Wells next to sea is still my favourite. With the pine forest running alongside it.


Hahaha this cracked me up. I’m sure you’re spot on cos people are such lazy cunts.

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My local paper is just full of complaining about cunts parking like cunts to go to the beach.

There’s a town called Walcott near by and there’s some parking there and Hippisburgh is the otherside ,everyone just sits in the one section infront of the towns. The rest of the beach is empty its brilliant but as you said so fucking lazy hahaha


North Norfolk coastline is stunning.

We’ve had a cool breeze this morning but now it’s really warmed up again and because of the earlier weather it feels like it’s hotter now than it has been all week :hot_face::grin:

Oh I fucking hate it mate. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone and I only use it when I’m in extreme diet phases and I can’t sleep.

The metallic taste you spend most of the next day with, the groggy feeling.

Good at what they do but definitely not something anyone should be using unless there’s no other alternative.


I done a ten k today and at one point the tarmac was sticking to my fucking trainers. Insane week

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Fuck sake man, please be careful with the shit you are putting in your body bruh :arteta: :partey:

Edit: just saw the later posts, I guess you already know. Got to keep stuff like that to like 1 tab every month or so.

All this warm weather is not a good thing though.

Will lead to massive population shifts and huge issues down the line if we don’t sort this.

One week of hot weather and now torrential downpours now the school holidays have started :rofl:

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I’ve been to Walcott and Bacton a few times.
They’ve got great beaches and it’s close to Cromer and Yarmouth.
Anywhere on the North Norfolk coast, or Alan Partridge country, is great.

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We arrived at our place went to the beach had a nice evening and decided on fish and chips for dinner, noticed walcott was a 10 minute walk, thought cool. Jesus christ that place is worse than Jaywick hahaha.

Beaches are lovely, we went to Cromer for half a day for the food and crabbing. Cromer was packed though so we didn’t stay too long.

Lovely food lovely weather.

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Nowhere is worse than Jaywick. :grinning:

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And thunder and lightning. Was so loud. I was trying to nap and it woke me up :roll_eyes:

I second this

It was nice while it lasted. Today is the last day of the sun :joy:

Gokyuzu in Chingford yesterday