The weather thread

This heat is killing me boys. 21 degrees at midnight what’s all that about

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Night time’s hell in this heat, if we keep seeing summers like this you’re going to start seeing more and more houses in the UK kitted with air con.

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I’m actually fucking dieing might have to just get up out of bed. Genuinely can’t cope. Love this shit during the day but I’m sweating buckets right now

Have a warm shower right now if you can, mate. Genuinely helps.

I’ll try that tomorrow evening before bed. How long do the effects last? I had a reasonably warm shower tonight at like 9 though I genuinely need another already anyway lol

I think the trick is to have that warm shower almost immediately before bed. For me, it’s just about being able to get into that slumber and then you get that 8 hours of sleep.

(I say all this having had the worst night of sleep imaginable :joy: although that’s more to do with things on my mind as opposed to the heat)

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My brother invested in some aircon unit he got from Amazon. It’s honestly amazing and I always tell myself I’m going to buy it but then I remember how shit the weather is for most of the year and why I could save the money.

But after the last few days, I’ve got my finger over the pay button lol


So many how many people got next to no sleep last night? :arteta:

Zopiclone did the trick. Could have been in hell and that shit would knock me out

Yeh I’ve been thinking about buying one of those though the fact you have to pump the warm air out the window seems a hassle. Though realistically there the only thing that would make a difference because fans just blow the hot air around

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The UK’s on fire, Cold weather fans are terrified

We don’t have the capacity to deal with 2 days that touch 30 in a row.

She cannae take the strain captain!


Didn’t we have a savage heatwave back in June-July 2018 where it touched like 30 degrees every day for a week or two?

I also feel like there was a heatwave back in 2017. These temperatures really don’t seem that crazy looking back over the last 5 years.

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2018 was the last time it was so good here. Was constant sun for about two months :joy:

Global warming be real yo, it’s not too bad for places like NI and Scotland. Makes for a nice summer and we have some amazing beaches over here- probably some of the best in the world up around the North Coast we just don’t have the weather.

Feel for the countries that can’t afford to get any warmer though, as @NeedCoffee was saying water crisis definitely the next big disaster.

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Careful with this, honestly.

Only meant to be good for 14 nights and then, nothing. People still rely on it thereafter when all its having is a placebo effect.


I hate hot weather

I’m fed up of this hot weather , I can’t have any of the windows and doors open because of the neighbours kids screaming and yelling , I guess at some point I’ll have to let them go home :joy: