The weather thread

Loike fookin’ 'ell maite. How’s that for a brum accent? :slight_smile:

Unless you mean Birminham, Alabama.

Nah I don’t mean Alabama I’m not inbred


This weather, man. We’ve had wind, rain, thunder, sun and now hail stones. And that’s just the last hour.


Is it half term this week, too?

Kids will be marooned at home

Nah, that’s end of may. Can bank on that being a washout…

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It’s been raining for the past 2 days. Before that it was gorgeous for a couple of weeks with highs around 18 lows around 11. We’re typically 5 months into overcast, drizzly weather by now. But we’ve had a few weeks of picturesque sunshiny, warm days. Not gonna complain at all.

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Decent here. 15-20 all week coming up. Outdoor gigs on Wednesday and Friday.

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