The weather thread


Havoc mate


Thats a bit INXS,suicide bins


LOL i have to laugh at this piccy, what the the point of the gate there, its inbetween the houses with no fencing…its a neighbour friendly gate which no one will ever use!


I just thought it might be a very strong gate and the adjoining bits got blown away.

Well, here, we had a decent +3 degrees for a week or so and the snow had all but disappeared. Now today we’re back to -20 with the wiindchill and a 17cm dump of the white stuff. And the forecast is colder for the next eight days or so. Nice.


March which is now Autumn in Melbourne, but Its still be 30 degrees and sunshine for the last 4 or 5 days.


Parakeets(noisey fuckers) eating buds on the conker tree outside bedroom window, sign that spring is in the air…Roll on summer…


Waiting for it to get warmer like …


The seasons definitely seem to be shifting. Last year it was cold until about april and was summer like almost until november…should really be warming up butt end of feb to march and cooling down september to october.


Update here:

Break out the huskies!


Storm clouds over North London…


Cold and wet here in beautiful Olympia, Washington, USA. 6c and rain/sleet.


Not bad out there today, I can hear the golf course calling.


The average temp in March in Melbourne has been 29 thus far, extremely warm for the first month of Autumn.


18 degrees and working on the roof outside for a change, my face is a little lobstered to say the least :rosicky:


Great weather in Holland this week. Love it.


Make the most of it although Sunday looks warm.


Very hot here in Italy these days. It’s spring at its best!



It’s 9c and sunny here in beautiful scenic Olympia, Washington, USA. Should get up to 13 today! It’s gonna be a scorcher!! Tomorrow is supposed to be even warmer at 15!! Then the rain comes back for the weekend. It’s been a wet spring so far… landslide and avalanche warnings everywhere.


Nice here in Alberta now. High of 11 today, 17 next week and plenty of sunshine. Edmonton is Canada’s sunniest city.