The weather thread


Vai a fanculo stronzo! :mustafi:


Flew about 2200 miles from Moncton to Edmonton, window seat and watched fucking cloud all the way. Dropped out of the cloud and fucking snow on the ground. Fuck sake.


Its windy.


15 and rain here today, highly strange weather for Melbourne in late November.


8 and overcast here today. That’s strange for Edmonton, Alberta in late November, too.


I have mate that lives in Bonnyville and she said it was -23 one day the other week I think.


That can’t have been too bonny to live in


Yep, Bonnyville is a couple of hours northeast of me. It can get pretty cool around here in winter. January and February seem to be the coldest months. Pretty well guaranteed a white Christmas every year, too.


What a fucking shite couple of weeks of shite rainy shite weather


After work run in this weather… good for the fitness but taxing


R u even scottish bro?