The weather thread




Never enjoyed rain, thunder an lightning as much as I am tonight roll on the good nights sleep :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:





It’s too hot. I’ve actually started swearing at the sun now.


Wordt part about the heat is how lazy i get. Just takin a dump is hard in these conditions.


Yep, fucking bloody sick of it now i dont mind warmth with a nice gentle breeze but this shit for weeks on end and this dank heavy shitty humid fucking crap with with no rain i am so over it now just fuck off already.


Heat is killing me here. 35 degrees and nowhere to go.


At first I loved it but now I just want it to be windy and fucking rain for a couple of days.

I need some respite.


Seems a few people are coming round to my way of thinking haha.

This shit needs to end.


The day time heat dont bother me. My job involves me to be out and about all day so it’s lovely.

It’s the humid nights that are a killer. Love a cold bed!


We do nothing but moan about how shit the weather is in this country, yet, when we get a decent sunny period, all people can do is feckin moan even more…

Long may this heatwave continue, its a glorious summer, lets enjoy it…

My tan is better than ever…:sunglasses:


We’ve backed off a bit from the low 30s here and are down around the low 20s now.

I don’t complain though, because November will be round soon enough with its snow and temperatures will stay sub-zero until March. In amongst that will be the cold snaps and it’ll drop to around the -30 to -40 range.

We don’t call this the Cold Ass Prairie for nothing.


Respite has arrived, at least for me.

Jealous? :arteta: :henry2:


If this carries on I might actually consider making my dream move to Iceland. If I wanted to live somewhere hot and sweaty I’d have moved somewhere hot and sweaty already. I’m not sure I’ll ever look at this country the same again.


Gone from living in the Norwegian Arctic circle to this. I’m dying :joy::joy:


We actually live in a hot country now. I love it.

The worse thing about this sun is that its turned me even more into an alcoholic and Im spending a fuck tonne more money then normal.


The actual state of you all. I’d love to have this weather again :joy:


Same here, I hate looking at the groceries section of my banking app because I know 80% of the cost is booze :sob::sob:e


Haha I get why other people love it, despite feeling the opposite it seems logical to me that people would love having a properly hot summer.

I’m just not built for this heat and I think it sucks when you’re in a city and have to commute and its in the mid thirties on a train. I enjoyed it this weekend on the Isle of Wight. If you’re by the sea with a cool breeze and a nice cold bev in your hand it’s pretty great, but when you have to go to work and commute, not so much.

I don’t want it to be 5 degrees and constantly raining. I just want a period of it being like 15/6 degrees, it’s far more manageable, you can still walk around in just a t shirt and enjoy a nice pub garden after work :ok_hand: