The weather thread


Sounds about right, we had our 4 week window during June. It’s a bit prettier than Manchester though :wink:


Oh yes its very pretty , Went out here yesterday and had a drink or 5 on the thames (tattershals castle) Glorious weather and the sun on Big Ben with the union JAck flag flying over Parlaiment It was heaven !


Phew, it’s hot hot hot out there. Lovely afternoon for a drive though :sunglasses:


Just finished dealing with this shit the last few days. Last night it got up to a Category 1 hurricane. Schools were closed the last two days but the fucking bank was still open. The bad storm was about 30 minutes from where I live, all we got was some gusty wind and rain. A screenshot of our radar yesterday haha.


I saw on Sky news weather that there was a pretty big storm heading up that way

You seem to get a few big ones every year off the gulf of Mexico right? Hope you’re safe and all but I assume you’re pretty used to these by now haha


Yeah Hurricane season usually lasts until about October. We haven’t had a bad one since the early 2000s, in Florida at least. But they typically start in the Atlantic or Caribbean, if a hurricane starts in Africa we are fucked. Those build up so much strength everyone is on red alert.


Still very hot here in Italy.


Best time of year to visit Iowa if anyone is looking to holiday. About 75 degrees and the humidity has started to come down. The fall colors will start to show in the next few weeks.



It’s still summer here. In fact he went to the beach on sunday :ozil2:


First bit of sleat/snow.South of the river…


It’s cold


Winter is coming here tonight. Doubt it’ll be much snow though, we always get the dirty wet snow which turns into ice at night and hell in the morning.


If this continues looks like day off tomorrow…


A day of for a couple inches off snow.



Been snowing hard around here. Can’t wait to get rid of that fluffy, icy, cold nuisance.


proper snow…already turning to slush here…


Spring-like here, today I had to shut off all my heating when I got home because it was too hot in my flat. :sunglasses:


In Perth for six weeks.
Generally in the mid thirties, but down to 23° yesterday. 41° forecast for Saturday week.
Remember, we’re in this together.