The weather thread


I don’t really understand you when you aren’t speaking with memes.



Hahah lucky you people in the UK don’t live in Australia in the summer, you’d be whinging about the heat more than I whinge about Arsenal.


We get it briefly for like a few days. Or if we’re lucky few weeks. Really can’t understand people in the UK who moan about the heat. It’s the summer ffs. Let us enjoy it :sunglasses:


Hottest day of the year and it completely shuts down the busiest train station in Scotland :arteta: Lol this country. @Electrifying


I’d never live there…full of Australians.


Been even hotter today @JakeyBoy how did you cope?




I’m actually dying, but BBQs good times are on the horizon :giroud2:


Red weather warning in place.


might aswell correct it to “Ireland stay indoors”


I haven’t actually seen a ginger person in weeks.


1/10 irish should be ginger according to very guut sauces. Scotland beats that by having 13% gingers, the higests concentration of gingers in the world.


They had to beat us at something. :laca:


Fuck that mate go to the Isle of Man. All called Kevin and Deidre. Smell of cabbage and big hands all of them.

Those hills have eyes…:pig:


Just gonna tag @Shill here. :grimacing:



It’s been horrible working in this heat and I’m a carpenter. I’ve been hauling all sorts of material around, up and down scaffolds, up and down stairs and then I have to work afterwards. Fucked the gym right off for now :giroud2:


I hope the weather holds out for wireless and lovebox :pray:t3::pray:t3:


Doesn’t sound like you need the gym all that much if you’re grafting like that in this heat mate


Definitely! Bit of cardio on the weekends and that’s me for the week ha.