The weather thread


But it’s even hotter outdoors so that is absolutely not some sort of plus point lol


When I’m actually in work and not off sitting in the garden :wink: its air conned to fuck so it’s not unbearable haha


I like whether that doesn’t make me sick, that doesn’t shrink my balls to the size of microscopic and that doesn’t fry me in my own sweat. Here summers are 30-40+ and winters are -10/-20, so basically I should live 2-3 months p/y and then hibernate.

This week it’s a chilly 25 degrees and rain though so can’t complain :smiley:


I wish.

My squat is only like 80kgs

@JakeyBoy go on, head outside, grab a nice cold drink and soak in the rays.


Not bad, the challenging part is the number of reps more than the amount of weight itself. Taking a light weight for 30 reps each will murder ur sticks to mashed potatoes.

I have always had chicken legs, but squatting light to ur legs was burning did help in slapping some meat on da Crouch legs.


I got myself a decent rowing machine, and never looked back :slight_smile:

Brilliant contraption.


Really hope that was an intentional joke. Claim it @Jules


Haha completely unintentional


Where is here?


42.7339° N, 25.4858° E


A giant bigass green National park in Bulgaria - Park Rusenski?






And now the shoe is on the other foot, as I have to wait on this bullshit machine to start working and give me my result before I can head home.



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Didn’t know you were a cat


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Intense heat is arriving during the weekend here. I can go to the beach, then :kos2: