The weather thread


Might be more effective to put a jumper on.


More effective but not as fun


Two hottest days of the year today (26 degrees) and tomorrow (27 degrees) and I booked them off on holiday because of the world cup :sunglasses::sunglasses: well I’m not watching the WC anymore hah gonna go and enjoy the sun :sunny:


We had our coldest day of the year today lol, 12 degrees.


Dont forget the sunscreen factor 100 buddy :ozil2:


Scotland has turned into Spain for the foreseeable future it looks like hahaha @Electrifying

I don’t need high factor sun cream. I tan very well :wink:


I know man, it was crazy warm yesterday.

A proper southern Europe warm air…


The met office app only shows you 6 days worth of weather so up to next Tuesday its 20+ every day :joy::joy: amazing




11 degrees cooler where I am in the South than Scotland today. Thank God. Gimme rain or snow over this bloody weather anyday.


Fair play but I can never understand people like you haha. Summer is brilliant.


Got no love for this heat either, fucking horrible when you have to commute and have some stinky cunt’s armpit about six inches from your face on the train.


Hottest may ever in Sweden, rainy midsummer as usual (same degrees as New Year’s Eve lol) and now the warm weather is back. 26-30c for 5 days now and according to the weather institute atleast for one more week :face_vomiting:

People think I’m mad but I hate the heat. Vacation on a beach or skiing? I take the snow everyday of the week/month/year/lifetime!!!


we are vikings. We arent suited to such heat. There is litterally no air condition culture in Denmark so the heat just fucks us up.


Yeah living in a seaside town is shite as soon as there’s a bit of sun.


Give me this weather every day of the year! Even if it is less fun when you’re stuck in doors for most of it.


Heat is where it gets more fun and funky.


Sat at my desk with two fans going. Fuck this weather if you’ve got to work. Fuck it big time


Come on man, it’s not that bad.

You can eat your lunch outdoors!

I cycled in today, was grim AF, but it was amazing.


Cycling… Ur legs must be some absolutely units :giroud3: