The weather thread


After Diana, The Express love a good weather story. Hope it’s true though!


Yeah agreed.

Last July was fucking awful.


The UK hotter than Andalucia lol! :rofl:


Listen give me heat all year round and I’m a happy man. The winter months make me feel miserable lol


Summer=parties&girls :kos2:


Finally, I’ve been sick of wearing jeans in April :woman_facepalming:t2:


Listen these last few days I’ve been doing nothing but going to BBQs, drink ups, day raves and the park. I’m going to be exhausted when I go back to work tomorrow but it was worth it lol.

I look forward to the summer and the sexiness that comes with it.


It’s nice to get home from work in sunlight and be able to eat outside, something we can’t do often typically haha


My favourite thing about weather like this is finding the coldest room in the house and hanging out there as much as possible.


Hahaha some of you are lucky you don’t live in Australia :rofl:


It reached 28 in some parts of England today, which is definitely hotter than Alice Springs in December, so don’t you try and pretend otherwise :smirk:


The heats all good and well till you have to go work


Shitty spring here overall, but now it’s nice every day. I’m moving to Ohio from Iowa in a few days trading pretty crappy weather for slightly less crappy weather (less snow totals, less wind).






Bein a spanish helps, instead. @AbouCuellar


It’s simply way too hot if you have to commute in London. I’m sweating from places I didn’t know it was possible to sweat from :laughing:


People talk about white privilege but have you ever been as fucking pale as me in this weather?


13 degrees rain and wind here today, looking forward to work being over and heading to footy tonight drinking several beers so I don’t feel the cold as much. Train Line better not fuck up, will seriously piss me off.


You’ve basically just described London lol