The weather thread


Cool change has hit here, it’s only 21 degrees.


Go away Aussie. :joy:.


It is the first time a red alert for snow has ever been issued in Scotland. It will remain in place until 10:00 on Thursday.

A red warning means extreme weather is expected, with people urged to take immediate action to keep themselves and others safe from the impact of the weather.

Wow would have never expected us to get a red weather warning :open_mouth:


I think these red warnings are only in existence 2-3 years so that is somewhat over stating things


Does this require changing the bulb? :stuck_out_tongue:


The weather could be worse. It’s sunny where I am.


Fucking hate this snow. Already stacked it big time once and it makes getting to work a fucking pain.

Only upside is that we might be sent home early today, my manager is clearly itching to leave as soon as he can :smiley:



I can’t remember even having snow this bad. It’s been fucking snowing since 7:45 this morning! :joy:
Plus I don’t think I can remember the weather temperature ever being as low as -11 :open_mouth::cold_sweat:


A balmy -3/-4 here in the south West Midlands by comparison.

No likes for my Red Dwarf homage, maddening :frowning:


think winter of 2010-11 was worse. whole country was shut down for weeks basically


Heavy snowfall down here, feared for my life walking up that driveway


looks like somebody driving a golf slid off the road and onto your lawn.

Treacherous conditions


It;s so cold this morning that I saw a Scouser with his hands in his own pockets.


Expecting the car to look worse in the morning


The good thing is the snow is like a free car wash :grinning:


Where do you live?


It’s so Fucking cold here, unreal. Something like -15celsius. Dying.


I wouldn’t mind but I did that last week tho I did change my wipers last week so theirs a positive.

I live in Middlesbrough north east England


Christ! It looks like Sweden!