The weather thread


Fuck off


Windy as fuck here today. Code Red even. Lots of trains and busses cancelled.


What the fuck how is it snowing in Britain?

I’m here in Bath and it’s lukewarm.


This is how bad it’s here LOL. In my city.


That bloke being blown across the pavement :joy::joy:


Fucking hell someone lost his entire rooftop. Apparently the bloke was still asleep as well hahaha. What a way to wake up.


:joy: :joy:


Fucking hell!!! That’s nuts!


It looks like pigeons shit.


OMG I’m dying here at my desk trying to suppress my laughter so people don’t wonder why I’m not being productive :joy:

That guy flying across the floor :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Swear its snowed more this week than it has the past few years :joy::joy: more to come tomorrow aswell ffs


Angus in the snow.


Spaghetti boy do you even know what a winter is?


I live in northern Italy. When it’s cold, it’s really cold.


Going to reach 42 here today, making yesterday’s 39 not feel so bad :rofl:. In all honesty though I don’t feel the heat as much as some.


I would tell you to fuck off like Gladiator did but 39-41 sounds truly hellish, I’d rather have our bitterly cold weather lol


Still 41 in my area at nearly 7pm at night, waiting for the sun to die down so I can go for an evening walk. Glad I have got the last 2 days of work out of the way though.


So what’s really cold in your area?


It barely snows, but it can go 10 degrees below zero.


Oh look, a flying Dutchman.