The weather thread


Calm down, I just meant I fall over a lot. I’m clumsy.

And I thought I was supposed to be the kinky one :sunglasses:


You live up north, you get it :smile:


I made it to the train station without breaking my neck, but unfortunately the trains didn’t make it. Snow day. :sunglasses:


Ha just normal smart shoes from topman




The joys of living in Hertfordshire


37 degrees tomorrow, anything 35 + is simply a pain in the arse.


#firstworldproblems :wink:


I suspect that’s very much a third world problem too lol


31 degrees nearly 10pm


Yeah I’d say I feel a little bit warmer in my living room watching the The Ashes series after midnight.


The snow can fuck off then fuck off some more.

Horrendous out there and its freezing. :cry:


Did anyone else feel like they were in the Wizard of Oz last night and that their house was going to be blown into another land?

OK, I might be exaggerating (slightly) but it was bloody windy.


Going to be 42 degrees in Melbourne today, hence I said no to this Saturday’s overtime shift.



You having a fun time? :rofl:


Hahaha watched sport all day in front of the Air conditioning so hasn’t been bad at all.


Just 32 degrees more than us :smile:


currently snowing here in Teesside


Currently 38 degrees in Melbourne.