The Walking Dead


If you’re Robert Kirkman tho then you’re thinking that the rest of your life is sorted financially by keeping this hype train running as slowly as possible

If you think about how they’ve fitted in an entire season (!!) around basically meeting Negan, being subjugated by Negan and then finally gathering an army to take him on. As well as inventing a new group that doesn’t exist in the comics to kill a bit more time. Kirkman must be loving it


I love checking into this thread and seeing people state that they’ve finally given up on this shit show.

It reminds me of how it’s taken us all different lengths of time to decide Wenger needs to go. Some people cling to the good memories from the start but we will all end up thinking the same way in the end.


It says a lot about the current state of this show that there is no one commenting on the season finale that aired yesterday lol

a fucking tiger wtf… and since when are the fighting scenes so bad


Literally just watched it.

It was OK, no idea how they’re going to be able to make another season out of it though haha


I was hoping the bird that tries to talk like yoda got popped…


They won’t get 20 seasons out of this surely. The comics will keep going, but they aren’t at the mercy of the ratings.

Most ridiculous moment (even for this show) was when a load of armed men didn’t somehow notice a tiger running at them from a few yards away


The gun scene was just stupid. People pointing guns but not shooting in open sapce, waiting to get shot. Worst scene ever.

This show has gone to the dogs as well.


Just sussed who she is…Pollyanna Mcintosh She played a proper psycho in Hap and Leonard…


Typical Mcpoyles.


So I gave up on the show early in season five a couple of years ago because I was sick of seeing episodes like the one with Daryl and Beth sitting in a hut talking about absolute shit. Recently decided to get back on the trail and holy fuck, season 5 and especially season 6 are fucking sick. Season 6 is probably my favourite season so far. I’ve gotten as far as seeing the season premiere of season 7 (I knew the spoiler already) and it is every bit as brutal and shocking as it was hyped to be. Personally don’t find Negan a very interesting antagonist, yes he’s capable of horrific things and he has power in the story but the character and his dialogue isn’t anything unique.


If you’re not a fan of Negan, you’ll probably be wanting to duck out again until season 10-ish :smile:


Season six was utter poo.


Negan doesn’t get killed…oh fuck…


The show has bought into it’s own hype, much like Game of Thrones. It’s clearly scared to take risks anymore and all it cares about is getting the green light for that next season.


i dont for a second believe game of thrones is like that tbh

In the last episode alone an awful lot of people died in an explosion, which not only destroyed the sept of baelor, but then led a boy of about 13 years to commit suicide.

Wasnt that also the same season they burned a little girl at the stake too?

GoT is pretty messed up. TWD however, is garbage. At least until the show gets past the Negan arc. The graphic novel is class though.

edit: wait if you werent saying GoT doesnt take risks then i apologise.


Ahh mate I guess this is what makes it so hard for showwriters to please everybody. I’ve got the complete opposite outlook towards that season. It’s the first in years where I was hooked from episode 1 all the way to 16. Thought a lot of the scenes were immense. By comparison, seasons 3 and 4 always felt like half great seasons to me, which were made for the midseason finales and just poor in the second half. Part of why I couldn’t be fucked sticking to it back then.


At least GOT has an ending in sight…
Just read the main stars are getting over 2mil per episode…good work if you can get it…


Anyone seen the first episode yet? What time does it air in the UK?


E02 spoiler

Morgan went full John Wick


season finale spoiler

Do you honestly expect me to believe Negan only test fired five bullets and took that as valid confirmation that the entire batch was acceptable?

Did none of the many sanctuary foot soldiers test fire their weapons!? wtf

Potentially good finale totally ruined by stupid writing. What an absolute load of shite