The Walking Dead


Im with you. Seems a natural progression to me. Just like Carl and yer one.


No. I got more of a brother/sister vibe from them in earlier seasons, very good friends, but not this.


I just watched an entire season of filler.

Why the fuck do I keep bothering with this fucking show.


It’s awful.

I watched the first episode, which was pretty cool. After that though I just couldn’t get through it, I was actually skipping through episodes, which should be a sign telling me to stop watching the show. Which I did, eventually. Then during the mid-season break I thought I’d give it another chance, so I binged a few episodes, still awful. Soo many uninteresting scenes, I rather spend my time on other shows, give something new a chance.


They’ve gone OTT with the “build up” to attacking the saviours. Just get on with it ffs.


Morgans back to killing…
And what the fuck is that womens group?
talking like Yoda…
And you know they wont kill Negan.





Haha, so true.

Some people say they’re perfectly entitled to milk such an obvious cash cow. But still can’t believe I’m watching this after seven seasons, it’s really not that good


Its just turned into a video game you have no control over…


so glad i got out of this show.


Yeah I’m in too deep now, I can’t drop it but I am annoyed.


That deer :scream: Never seen such offensive use of CGI

Such a shame TWD has diluted the quality of the writing.


Black guy whittling a stick and you instantly think spear.

That’s racist yo.


Spear chucking zulu innit


I have no idea what anyone is talking about, because at mid season break I finally did the proper thing and quit.


If only they had some proper back story to tell and wouldn’t show the people on suicide watch all the time.


If only they’d give some fucking context for the whole thing.

Also when was the last time someone became a zombie?


I’m thinking that “it’s something that is inside of all of us” is going to be as much explanation as we’ll ever get. I’d still prefer some more just to know where this show is heading.

Dunno, can’t remember. It feels like they’re pretty good at killing off people that are about to turn.


In fairness there’s no wider context given in the comics, altho you do get more backstory detail. Like it’s explained where Negan came from and what his life was like before etc



I’d just love to know how the virus started, spread, etc.