The unpopular football opinion thread


how do you think the Premier league gets its money? it’s from TV, overseas rights, etc.

nobody cares about the community shield as it is now, but then a british competition over a week would make it interesting, and with a financial incentive. and it would shut uyp the Old Firm, when they get smashed by the English teams every year.

there is nothing wrong with AFTV, but those who moan about it are worse.

set up amnother channel, with less reliance on characters and showboating. There are two Man U fan channels, even two Spurs ones. Gooners who moan about shit, and do little to correct it, are worse than Wenger, Kroenke, or anybody else and are the true issue at our football club.

Inter is a great club, but behind on many metrics these days. AC Milan is a bigger club overall.

it was included to stop managers from harassing players, and other managers. this would only come back.


Because people give a shit about it. Which isn’t and will never be true of the community shield.


which is why it needs tobe revamped.


It really doesn’t though. Because it would still be pointless and no one would give a shit.


it would spice things up.


Just make pricks of themselves with the 4th official every week. Should sit just above the dug out imo and can easily communicate with the coaching staff.


Pep is a decent manager, not as good as everyone says. Check book merchant. Give Wenger the same team and he’d win the CL.


Players should stop creating foundations and naming after themselves.

Donate to an existing charity you egoticical fucks



When fans/media refer to Arsenal Ladies as just Arsenal.


It’s Arsenal Women actually. :grinning:

You’re talking about Tim Stillman aren’t you? :slight_smile:


Giroud should get his clean shaven look back.






I rest my case.




Its scientifically proven that beards cause ovulation


I prefer the beard. But it doesn’t matter what look he goes for to be honest. I still would.


Beard enhances looks but some dudes like Giroud don’t need it.


Yeah, beards on some guys would only serve to detract from their looks.


Beards can be a nuisance too. Being of mediterranean decent I was basically born with one. Pretty sure I got a gilette mach 3 for my 5th birthday