The unpopular football opinion thread


Well of course it would make it interesting but the FA cup, League Cup, Championship and League 1 and 2 winners combined don’t get even half the 50m you’re talking about so its not a realistic prospect.


I meant where would the £50m come from.


The more London clubs in the Prem the better


Is there a tangible benefit to this, or just your preference? If it’s the latter, then I agree, I like having London clubs in the top flight.


Get rid of the technical area. Turns the game into park football for managers. Makes the game look embarrassing every week.


Or let the manager roam free on the sidelines.


Easier and cheaper away day travel. Came up with the thought whilst sharing a train floor with 10 other gooners travelling back to London from Sunderland.

Tbh I’ve got a soft spot for London clubs. I want to see Palace, West Ham, QPR, Charlton etc do well and replace the boring northern clubs


I actually have a soft spot for other London clubs too (bar the two notable exceptions). I would love to see Charlton and Fulham back in the Premier League, they usually always had entertaining teams.


Everyone that truly cares about Arsenal should stop purchasing season tickets in an attempt to get this joker of an owner and board to fuck off.


But in the same vein that is also counter productive because that then devalues the whole club, who is going to want to play for a club where no fans turn up and the club goes to shit…not the solution. Regardless who are you really hurting, a billionaire could have Arsenal burn to the ground and it still will not bother them considering they have plenty of money and fall backs, its a terrible thing to do which only shames the fans really.


Potential buyers know the potential the club has though, so I don’t think they’d have any problem with putting up the money to make the purchase.


He could probably still asset strip us and make a fuck load of money if that happened. He’s been pretty clear he isn’t gonna sell and I’m not convinced fans not buying tickets will shift any mindset on that.


Yeah basically we are fucked.


Cristian Ronaldo is better than Messi



Soccer is a cool word. Wouldn’t mind it if the game was called that however the existence of the game which is basically handegg being called football makes it idiotic to change.


You should have to be born or at least grown up 10 years in a country before being allowed to play Internationally for that country.

Seriously, no. :gabriel:


sponsorship, TV money.


people bitching about Sir Chips and Kroenke realise that Sir Chips doesn’t need to be at Arsenal, he’s only here since the Hill-Woods were his friends. complaining or thinking they care is bull. fans are too emotive, and not seeing the hard facts.


people who complain about Alexis giving the ball away don’t get football. it’s a cost/benefit, the benefits outweigh the costs. had they been around to see Wright play in the flesh, they would have demanded he be sold. He got suspended at least twice per season, but then without his goals there would have been no Cup double, Cup-Winners Cup, and possible relegation in the mid-90s.


But the competition is incapable of generating those funds, no?