The unpopular football opinion thread


Ox is a football brain away from being top class


Wenger: Ox > Gnabry.



A lot of people seemed to think that Harry Redknapp and Terry Venables were both great managers.
I always thought they were highly overrated because they were English.


I feel that Cech is not good enough, too many mistakes and cant save a single fucking penalty. Dont get me wrong he has had some magnificent saves but in general i feel he is starting to cost us, we desperately need a top goalkeeper.


I don’t think that’s an unpopular opinion. He hasn’t been good enough for a few years now and that’s why he was replaced at Chelsea and that’s why he should be replaced here.


a lot of people feel that Cech is a really good gk, i really feel he isnt. Was for chavski but he has been shit for us, dont know if he has slowed down or if it is on purpose.


The guy is an absolute pro, of course it isn’t on purpose, that’s really silly.


I dont know how he was playing worldies for chavski and the second he comes here a lot of crap mistakes etc


He also worked underneath a manager that knew how to setup an efficient defensive unit. I remember a stat highlighting shots faced at Arsenal vs shots faced at Chelsea (or something) and there was a clear correlation.

I would imagine De Gea would see a similar decline if he played here.


De Gea has played in some terrible United teams over the last four seasons and flourished.

He’s taken a hell of a lot of shots and been world class.

Poor comparison really. Cech is clearly past it and has been since the latter end of his Chelsea career.


Not arguing against Cech being passed it, and you know I agree he should be replaced.

What I’m highlighting is that we aren’t a team that allows defensive players to thrive, and that our setup/inability to protect a keeper makes it harder for them compared to other teams.


Best thread on thos forum is the Klopp vs Wenger beauty.


The keeper spot on bench is waste of a spot.
The backup keeper is only ever used once or twice a season. Just have someone become the keeper in a rare case where your starting keeper can’t continue.


Rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it.


I can see where you’re coming from but its rare with 7 spots on the bench you aren’t just filling one or two or them with a player you’ve no intention of using pretty much no matter what happens so ultimately I don’t think its really wasted.


Brian Clough would not have been a good England manager. Bob Paisley would and should have been approached.


Even though I despise Henderson I get that atleast from a tactical perspective, that said I’d rather have Dier shielding Wilshere & Winks and take Shelvey to the World Cup instead but each to their own.


Cech won the golden glove in his first season here. I think it’s because our defence has been shit.


the keeper can get injured at any time. Goalkeeping is a specialist trait, and it’s like having no centre-backs and getting ozil or welbeck to be a make-shift centre back.


it would make it interesting. £50m is a lot of money in today’s climate, and it would make the tournament interesting.
we all enjoyed beating chelsea at wembley, but then it was a glorified friendly and meant shit.