The unpopular football opinion thread


Yeah I agree, the quality would be significantly dropped. The great Bayern Muncih team of 2013, the Real Madrid team of 2014, and the Barça team of 2015 wouldn’t have been included in the competition on that basis (for example). Each were of course the best team in Europe at the time but would’ve been excluded due to their performance in the league the year before.


leeds united is not a big club.

merson was right, villa is bigger than newcastle.

sheffield wed is a small club with a big and famous/infamous stadium.

ANY Arsenal fan who publicly says they hte Wenger should be banned from social media, and only be allowed to attend League Cup/Emirates Cup matches at home. i want him OUT, despite his contract, but he IS our best ever manager. I feel like puniching anybody who says they “hate” him (without knowing him), or saying that he is pretty much a “wanker”. he’s not. he’s past it, but then you would not have a GLOBAL Arsenal without him. How many clubs are truly GLOBAL in fanbase, or finances, or in media attention? ONly a few, like Real Madrid, Barca, Man U, City, Chelsea, Bayern, Juve, AC Milan, maybe Inter, that’s it.

QPR is a bigger club than Palace, and fifth biggest club in London (Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottnenham, West Ham, QPR in that order). QPR has had genuine world class players, and seasoned England internationals, playing for them, and have won trophies. Palace has won fuck-all, ever.

Messi is still not better than Maradona.


^^^^ this guy gets it.


the league cup should be abolished.

the community shield should be replaced with a british super cup. get the english/scottish champions/cup winners to play off over three games, and the winner gets the trophy and £50m.

Ozil is a top player, the fault of his subpar performances is WENGER.

Contemporary money-driven football should stay forever, since on balance it’s better than 80s football.

Wenger should be made our Life President, and should be given a personal box at Club Level, with a bed, fridge, shower, for him to stay in whenever he likes.This should happen at the end of this season, with Ancelotti our manager for 18/19.

Wright is a legend, but whilst he kicked it for us, he was not world class since he was poor for England.

Cesc is an Arsenal legend, and could not be faulted for leaving. His joining Chelsea is immaterial, since they’re not an enemy. A rival, but only since we both compete for trophies.


^^^^ had to get some stuff off his chest.


not really, just some views of mine.


we are the UK. They are all part of the UK, so the UK media will focus on them.


I hate Wenger.


Well good. still isn’t right to say.


Don’t worry they are like spoilt little children.


Alexis is one of our best ever players.


in that order imho…


This is the unpopular football opinion thread so ‘I love him’ would be more appropriate.


I don’t get your response. If you hate him, good for you. I don’t agree with it.


Gonna reply once more, just so you’ll get the last word. I don’t think you really get it. At all.


no, you’re just being obstinant. I don’t want any last word.


@Marblehalls_TV is firing on all cylinders, great to see. Welcome to the forum :+1:

Not sure where you’re getting the £50m for that glorified Community Shield from though haha


Glorified community shield? This poor trophy gets abused.


I’d rather win a game 5-4 than 1-0


That condescending maybe makes me all tingly I like you already mate


The videos of sacchis Milan in full force are just fucking bewildering. I’m totally with you. I love great goals of course but this kind of intelligent organisation is beautiful to watch.