The unpopular football opinion thread


Basically your puns are credible but your agenda against Ronaldo isnt.


Preach it brother.


Analysts, coaches and people who enjoy picking up the tactical patterns within the game, which is difficult to do from the normal view especially when the directors showing pointless little things like close ups, fans shots, managers reactions, players chilling on the bench and so on…

Edit - For example


In fact. We should go back to pre-Bosman and put a limit on foreigners in every national competition to make European competitions a bit more competitive.


I genuinely want to see what life will be like after wenger with Gazidis in charge of more stuff and with Kroenke. They both keep on saying that they genuinely want trophies and big signings for the club etc. I want to finally see who the fucking liars are. Is it wenger that is proping up the board and keeping his mouth closed about certain things or is it wenger that is the cunt and is narcissistic and will not hand over tasks to staff even for coaching, or is it a bit of both. I want to see what the current set up of board members will do after wenger even would be interesting to see who they will get to replace the nuisance of a man!


There’s a good chance they complement eachother and nothing changes because the board share the same ideals as Wenger.


Hard to know really, especially to what extent. Anyways, there’s nothing wrong with (the majority of) Wenger’s ideals, just with his terrible execution of them.


England’s 3rd and 4th Champions League places should go to the two domestic cup winners.


Only the league winners in should go to the Champions League.


I don’t agree, it wouldn’t be as prestigious to leave out so many top teams. If anything I don’t think there should be a Champions League and Europa League. I think there should just be one European Cup.


On the contrary, I think it would be even more prestigious.


Xhaka was our best player in the 2nd half of last season.


As an Englishman I hate that I have to live in a country with a media that has to be seen to be giving a fuck about Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

I really couldn’t give a shit who the next Scotland manager is or what miracle the Welsh need to qualify, or at least no more of a shit than I care who the next Denmark manager is or what miracle Switzerland need to qualify.


Wilshere and Winks need to be in our starting 11 at the World Cup.



@Titou14 Curious, with absolutely everyone fit what is your England XI?


This, I think

With Dier stepping out the back 3 when we’re in possession.

What’s yours looking like ?


GK, Cahill, Dier, Stones, Rose, Walker, Winks, Henderson, Lallana, Alli & Kane.

As much as I hate Henderson, Wilshere-Winks is too naive for me, especially under Southgate.


Id allow Celtic into the EFL starting at the 4th tier.


I’d allow the winners of the SPL play the play off winners in the Championship for the third spot in the PL.


I don’t think winning a European Cup that doesn’t include one of either Real Madrid or Barcelona (for example) allows you to be regarded as the best team in Europe.