The unpopular football opinion thread

This thread reminds me of the “top players you’ve never seen play well” thread. I liked that thread, it was interesting… As is this one.

Ian Wright is :bell::end:

You can find better football knowledge down your local pub


I really wanted him to become a bully, a leader and someone who can control the midfield.

Instead he’s just a mobile chicane in the middle of the park with no ability to stamp authority on the game. Shame really.


My reply was Ribery, everyone I saw him play he was no better than decent… a new edition of that thread might be quite fun now you mention it

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Remember MM saying Xhaka will flip and me agreeing with him. Told you so smiley

Remember his smug declaration of being a leader.
Pretentious shit.

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Ronaldo isn’t as good or important to Madrid as Kroos, Isco, or Modric. :innocent:

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Where you can also find Merson and Adams who have similar knowledge but will be more drunk :smiley:

Defending executed perfectly is more interesting than attacking executed perfectly.


I know you have had the pleasure of being in stadium and all but how would you know the above?
Cameras and our eyes follow the ball and perfect execution of defence include movement & coordination of players beyond the camera view.

You were saying :wink:

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Well more generally I mean I’d prefer to watch Chiellini and Bonucci take apart Messi and Suarez in a “boring” draw than watch Messi and Suarez destroy Chiellini and Bonucci in a “thrilling” 5-2.

I feel like most people just want goals and end-to-end games these days but I get hyped for the perfect slide tackle more than the perfect through ball.

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Who watches matches in such camera angle?

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The pun is mightier than the fraud .

Arsene Wenger’s time was up 6 years ago and should have left the club after we collapsed in 4 competitions in 11 days during the 2010/2011 season.

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i feel we are making a big mistake trying to buy big names. Big names want more than arsenal at present and lets face it we played better football with players which had good quality which were not a household name. Wenger used to unearth gems, but recently there are blatant talents that have been overlooked which could have done more for us than ozil and sanchez. Ozil and sanchez work for themselves and their own glory we need team players that put a shift in not selfish cunts.

Not really sure what you’re trying to say here.

Lower level football is more enjoyable than top end stuff. Regularly attend League of Ireland football and although the standard is mostly very poor it’s just a more honest and enjoyable contest.


There should be some limit on foreign players in league match day squads in order to promote English talent and an English footballing identity

This goes with mine that posted in another thread. I’d rather watch US women’s university soccer than Arsenal right now.

I knew BradyMagic would be back under a different guise one day :stuck_out_tongue: