The Unmentionables v The Arsenal (Premier League)

Sunday 6th December
16.30 GMT
Matchday something or other
Sky Sports

The time is upon us. The resurrection begins. The almighty phoenix that is Arsenal rising from the footballing ashes.

We make that lonely walk up the Seven Sister’s Road. Even lonelier this year. A horrible year. A yearlong sentence that needs punctuation. An exclamation mark. Arsenal to win at Spurs.

Two dates for your diaries, ladies and gents. Two dates that should never be forgotten. Dates that should be marked indelibly, imprinted on the forefronts of our minds.

3rd May 1971
25th April 2004

Halcyon days. Epic dates. Winning the league at a ground that breeds failure more than success. Achieving the impossible. Proving that impossible is nothing.

If you wanted more reasons why we should win and will win at the Toilet Bowl Stadium, I’ll give you two words. Clive Allen. The man with a first name for a surname.


Look at his stupid little face. This being should not be allowed the joy of a Rottenham win over Arsenal.

Sunday is a new dawn. It all starts here. We’re red n white. We’re dynamite. We’re Arsenal.


  • Spurs win
  • Draw
  • Arsenal win

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Bit eager aren’t you mate? Haven’t even got the Europa League game out of the way :joy::joy:

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Didn’t realise we were playing this lot. Ffs.

Then again we’ll probably win this and then lose the next 4.


If we fuck this up I’ve got the FAI cup final to watch afterwards where Rovers will hopefully be completing an unbeaten double winning season. :crossed_fingers:


Bet your happy Dundalk are travelling midweek. Some result in the semi final by them.
Repeat of last year’s final?

Yea same as last year except a reverse in that we go into this one as League champions.

We’re on 18 leagues 25 cups as things stand.

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I read it’s 6 finals on the spin for them. Some going.

Yea. Bunch of cunts.

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I know all the rules are fucked this year lads but we still have tradition. Only one match thread at a time!

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Yeah me and cal still collecting likes here.

It’s better than your last match day thread, but you have missed out the poll again :roll_eyes:

For the record though, I’m going for 1-3. Bellerin to get all 4.


Poll added

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Spurs to win. I WANT TO BELIEVE!!! But our shit team doesn’t let me. I will not watch this.

I’m going to have £50 on spurs.
If they’re going to ruin any enjoyment of watching Arsenal then I want paying for it.


I don’t know why more people don’t do this, I’ve made a small fortune betting against Arsenal in big away games over recent years lol.

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I swear it’s a tradition for Kane to score a penalty in the NLD ffs lol

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You make even more money betting against us after we’ve gone ahead. :grinning:


This is a good deal.

We win. You can write it off as a ticket you bought to see us beat the scum.

We lose. You get a nice pay to drink away the sorrow.


I don’t think I can get myself to watch any more Arsenal games this season. Least of all this one.


We both know that’s nonsense haha, you’ll watch a shitload more Arsenal matches this season

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