The UK Conservative Party

Micheal Gove first chance he gets for sure. Lots of others too.

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Europe fuckery fucked her over though, no? And Brosi is over that now. Of course something else could be on the horizon.

Ideally he gets sent to jail for crimes against humanity for some of the Covid decisions he has made. But I’m not holding my breath.

Boris plays the fool, but he isn’t. I think he stands a very good chance of being re-elected next time around, simply because he is popular with the electorate. For all his faults, a lot of Brits like him and he has managed to soften the Conservatives to more of a One Nation Conservative Party (very different to Cameron’s vision with austerity). Thatcher destroyed herself with the Poll Tax. Blair has been the only PM who has effectively decided his own fate and left the job on his terms (albeit with his record tarnished by Iraq). Boris has the potential to remain as PM for a long time, but he has to be able to match the same drive as Thatcher and Blair (notwithstanding whether you agree with their politics or not).


I feel like you’re overlooking the possibility of something fucking him over too. Just cos you can’t see it right now doesn’t mean it can’t happen. Politics isn’t that predictable, yknow?

Which is what I wanted to day when you first said this.

They say a week is a long time in politics…

Edit: tbf you did say something could be on the horizon, shouldn’t ignore that you said that.

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Boris Johnson is ‘hoping to be PM for another decade as he aims to outlast Margaret Thatcher’s 11-year tenure in No 10’

Never going to happen, there isn’t enough support for Boris and his agenda on the electoral map for him to sustain leadership for that long.

He’s still the most likely to do away with democracy and install that v for Vendetta government tho.

Priti would have him beat but the brown thing holds her back

She’s definitely done enough to be deorted based on her rules and regulations.

He’s already setting up his leadership bid with that stunt in the nightclub the other day

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Yeah 20 fucking years of voting for Ant and Dec confirms this. Love talentless cunts us.


Well when the alternatives are the likes of Alison flaming Hammond and Piers Morgan, Ant and Dec is the only logical choice.

Bradley Walsh was worth at least one of them.

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I don’t really watch talent or reality shows and I’m sure I’m not missing much but from what I’ve seen on the news, Britain’s Got Talent is an oxymoron.

How do Ant and Dec qualify to win any prize?
What exactly is their area of expertise?
If it’s as presenters, how is that worthy of an award, when all you’re doing is presenting other people?

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Liz Truss gets a promotion? :joy:


The Labour Party will have to show it is for the working class again because neoliberalism was more about champagne socialism driven by rich white elitists. That’s not to say the Tories aren’t just serving the rich either, but they have had success triangulating, saying they are a bit less big govt than Labour, even if they are still tax and regulate.

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40% is just unheard of in Ireland. Mad how they are still polling at that level after all this time.


Who are REFUK?
They sound like a party that are just going to repeat what the Tory’s have been doing.

Shows you how awful Labour are when even after the last 18 months of this awful government they still lead them ffs


What can labour do? They tried being left wing, they tried being centrist, nothing is working.

I think it outlines what the British press is.