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He probably did say it. But pretty much everyone in the Covid thread has discussed the same issue. Should we open up and not let our economy die while letting more vulnerable people die or should we shut down and kill the economy to protect them? It’s just he said it in a more provocative way, it’s still the same issue.

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It’s pretty amazing with the amount of failures in the last year, it’s something as innocuous as this with getting his house decorated that causes the shit storm.


I remember last year when some journalists were saying that he would retire before the next election and I think that’s what will happen.

Johnson is proof that if you come from the right family, you go to the right school and your ego is big enough, then a lack of talent and intelligence is no obstacle in politics.

He got voted in because he acts like a harmless buffoon, waving flags at every opportunity, with a ridiculous, circus clown haircut,

But, in reality, he is a ruthless, career politician that wanted the top job and would say anything to get onside with the voters.

The only problem with him leaving is that his replacement would be someone even worse like Gove, Reece Mogg, Patel, Hancock, etc.

Trump and Johnson have proved that, if you have enough money and are adept at lying, then anyone can become a world leader.
It’s never been any different.


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This is par for the course in a two party system


Brexit has created the impression that Boris is some bombastic outsider who “gets results”.

Whether you like it or not, HMG performance during covid hasn’t tainted him, people seem to think there’s a disconnect between the damage cause and the government decision making. Plus the Vaccine roll has helped him massively


Lot of people who don’t support him don’t see anything to support as an alternative. Lot of apathy to party politics now.
Identity politics is easier for lot of people to get behind now. Can’t blame them.


:joy::rofl: love the shining so found this hilarious


Lol ffs

All corbyns fault I’m sure

Labour need the UK to break up to be relevant again.

The current situation means they are fucked. No matter what

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By elections mean nothing but it’s still funny though.

Brexit isn’t over. It’s still the main dividing line in English politics, but probably won’t be in 2024. There’s no way 25% of people who voted for a strictly Brexit party 18 months ago were going to vote against the guy who did Brexit in favour of a guy who quite vocally wanted to cancel it.


Obviously anti semitism hasn’t been dealt with then.:roll_eyes:

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