The UK Conservative Party

Yeah I’m just trying to figure it out as to why that is, are they using the 30 quid towards wages for the staff buying it separating it organising it packing it delivering it as well? Because its awful PR for them which big companies don’t like so yeah.

Why didn’t they get kids to sign a form of they want meals and pick it up from the school at lunch time as they’re presumably making lunch there still.

Or just keep fucking vouchers which is the obvious solution.

They wont use vouchers because they can be traded for money, which can then be used to buy things other than food.

It’s silly, but I guarantee that is their rationale.

Yeah. That MP, Ben Bradley, said last year on Twitter that the vouchers effectively just paid for crack dens and brothels.

Still think it’s mental that this is the leading party in the UK.

These guys are literally laughing and lying to your faces! They are treating you like mugs!

Labour got shit towards the end, but the incompetence it took for them to lose power, compared to what the Tories have been allowed to get away with…

Also here are the meals for the rich kids:


The amount of people on twitter defending some of these ‘hampers’ is quite astonishing.


I know! The “shouldn’t have children if you can’t afford them” gang. And the absolute numpties saying things like “it’s free, why you complaining about free stuff?” Yeah, except it’s not really free, someone is pocketing a massive profit.


Mouldy peppers for free is still a raw deal. Somebody giving poisonous food to people and they should he fine if it’s free?

I would love to rub some of these bootlickers’ faces in the dirt.


It’s just ignorance. I think a lot of people struggle to understand that poverty is a thing in the UK. People don’t understand that there are people who genuinely worry about how they will feed their children. And they’re not just layabouts or druggies.

We have such a shit culture here, it’s every man for himself.


I feel this even gives it too much credit, there just seems to be overall level of contempt if your poor or struggling.


Where just describing capitalism here guys.


We are so fucked it’s unreal. This guy is a bigger cunt than most Tories, because he creates the environment where they have to be as cuntish as possible.

This guy should be nowhere near this. One of the worst people in Britain. We are fucked


What a dignified response that lady gave.

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Isnt this in regards to blocking all trade from China? As the US officially declared it as Genocide recently.

Id love to block trade with China and im sad it failed, whole world should just fuck them off at this point.

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Exactly, I dunno what whoever put that amendment up was thinking.

Good luck getting brexit Britain to veto trade deals with China, Russia, Israel, India, Saudi Arabia (arguably).

What is their definition of genocide anyways?


I can only assume that what’s going on in Yemen is the international equivalent of stealing someone’s lunch money as far as ‘our’ MPs are concerned.

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‘breaking news: Britain vetos trade deal - with Britain’

I wonder if it was some SNP yuppie that suggested this fucking nonsense.