The UK Conservative Party


Actually made JC seem more interesting :slight_smile:


Expecting this to become a massive story and fuel a long and lasting discussion about racism in the Conservative Party


Won’t happen


Yeah that was my point


A bad comedian blames his audience.


I knew what you meant just voicing it


It’s funny that everyone knows what the words they blurred out are, as if that is the most offensive thing on it.

I’m sure for most Daily Mail readers, this would be considered hilariously funny.



Next on itv…

New Pricks


Never forget you people vote this weirdo into power.


She got her own back.


Fucking top banter



The cult of the free market is truly embaressing


Why won’t these feckin Tories LEAVE THE MILK ALONE?!

Theresa May is poised to announce cuts to a long-running nursery milk scheme to find funds to pay for healthy food vouchers for low-income parents, The Times has learnt.


They used to call Thatcher the Milk Snatcher.

Theresa May steals your lait doesn’t quite have the same ring to it, far too French/European for these times we find ourselves in


Today Boris Johnson writes an article saying Muslim women look like letterboxes and bank robbers.

Lets see if the media and politicians follow this up with daily sustained attacks? Or will no one even bat an eye?


After meeting with one of the biggest and most threatening anti Semites of all.

Jack shit in the media.


A despised media ends up leading to place where no one believes anything they are told, and in that space the fascists will thrive.


Say the man who looks like a pub waiter.