The UK Conservative Party

Well we wouldn’t want to give the bunch of Marxists in Tower Hamlets unnecessary funding, would we? :xhaka:

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Starmmer only works one hour a week. Not sure his long game means he’s up for calling this out.

Even if he does, who will care?

He’ll just get savaged by Guido Fawkes and his little moron army, the Mail and whoever, and nobody will be on his side, he’ll be accused of playing politics during the pandemic or something.

England is so far gone it’s unbelievable.


Duty bound otherwise it’s complicit by saying nothing. But yeah pubs and hairdressers and football nobody going to have time for trivialities like corruption.

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Why would you ever vote no for that?

I’d love if these voting statistics also came with a justification for their vote so that people could understand the thinking behind their elected officials voting tendencies.

Fair play David David :+1:

Fucking autocorrect lol :arteta:


I’m no fan of Gove and BoJo for sure

But Theresa May can fucking rot in hell

:joy: I would be doing the same trying to claw back some mainstream respect after losing the confidence of the electorate and then party.

Her little show was good interference for this story in the morning news.

Didn’t know she was still politically active

Fair play for calling out Gove

Yea I had no idea she was even standing for election last time round. I just assumed she had retired haha.

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Yeah I think I’d struggle to going back to being a standard back bencher after being PM for 3 years

It’s legit play from May though. She could easily have got director roles on about 5-10 companies, pocketing bucketloads for her connections, but she’s gone to being a back bencher instead

Just to say if the Conservatives really were the party of the economy, theyd step in and help one of the biggest sectors that contribute to that economy, the arts.

But of course these guys don’t usually donate to the Tories or vote for them, so far chance.