The UK Conservative Party

But, as things stand, we have little in the way of clarity because everything hinges on a definition of “serious disruption” and we do not yet have one.

Such vague and ill-defined terms are concerning, it can give carte blanche to the police to do all sorts.

I don’t believe the police need additional powers or that we need to place further restrictions on the right to protest. I swear its not even been a year since they introduced legislation that placed further restrictions on protesting and the cunts are going for it again.

Hopefully Labour don’t abstain like they did with the Spy Cops bill, fucking wankers. From the quotes in the article, it looks like they probably wouldn’t pussy out, but who knows.

Where’s the freedom of speech obsessed right wingers? Full of bluster when its some trivial social media bullshit about someone being scolded for not being woke enough, totally fucking absent when its actual fucking legislation restricting our freedoms. Disingenuous wankers.


Yeah it’s bullshit, we don’t even have that many protests or demonstrations in the UK to begin with.

Look at France ffs

So tired of the Tories.


Can’t believe people actually give a shit the cunt didn’t wear a seatbelt, Jesus Christ.

Had 4 pop ups on my phone just about that, what riveting news.


Who fucking cares?

Slow news day.

Didn’t need this to show he’s a cunt.


This has got more press than Rishi saying he’d rather give money to affluent districts.


Nadim and HMRC more important as well.



I feel like nobody cares about this story but they’ve purposefully promoted it to distract

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The UK is a place where the pm gets lambasted by the press for not wearing a seat belt, meanwhile in the rest of Europe ministers are mistrusted for not having a mistress.

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They really don’t dream of being a far right authoritarian party. Why would they dream that when they are just basic libertarians. The only possible thing you could cite relates to Jakey’s comment:

I agree with this comment wholeheartedly, but I don’t think the Tories wish to control protests cos they dream of a far right dictatorship; I don’t give them anywhere near that kind of long game credit. That said they would undermine democracy out of self service and by accident in a heartbeat.

I follow a bunch of normie right wingers on twitter and they do actually object to all the covid lockdown restrictions and they do complain about restrictions to right of protest when it’s against their own side. Doubt they’d make much fuss about infringements upon say extinction rebellion though.

Genuinely don’t think even 3rd world countries would be this brazenly corrupt


I’m happy to put my comment on ice until we see which EU laws get torched at the end of this year.

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Bent as a nine bob note lol


The Tory force is strong in the BBC. The Director General (a man with a taste for cheap-looking suits and has a disarmingly weak handshake) is best buddies with George Osborne and has given handsomely to the party over the years.


No doubt the kidnappers are paying some nice donations to the Tory party to keep this racket going.

The Torys mates in the city are definitely washing their dirty money anyways.

Only industry UK will have soon, money laundering for the world’s scumbags and criminals.

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You let anyone and everyone in that’s what you get. Because remember enforcing border law is racist :unamused:

Just remember the Tories are now in power doing this.

Relaxing immigration and then underfunding organisations that can integrate and plan for them.

So they can use cheap labour to drive rights and costs down, create a race to the bottom, and also allowing the organised crime gangs to traffick and operate at will.

They got the Met going after anyone that reports on the Tory crimes or people that write mean tweets online.

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