The UK Conservative Party

Cameron was the one tbf, shame he bottled it after brexit didn’t go his way.

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The worst one, yes.

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You sure do love to miss the point don’t you.

The UK has had better weather and more sunshine than Ireland both this year and also basically every year. I’m not gloating, I am informing you that your claims of inefficiency are in fact wrong.

Jesus wept. Name me one thing you own with a 30 year guarantee? They must be pretty confident they’ll last. So now yor point is that they might break? Literally anything can break ffs. I’ll check back in in about 22 years when one of mine goes and I get it replaced for free. Oh no!

And here we go. If you can’t respond to me (or anyone else) without these type of comments then don’t respond at all. I’m getting tired of you misunderstanding my point and making out like I’m the one at fault for that. Fair warning here, give over with the personal insults as a matter of course.


Your posts about that tweet only contain criticism, where’s the solutions? Its the easiest thing in the world to criticise, anyone can do that.

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Mr know it all doesn’t seem to know how a solar panel works, anyway we must be Marxists for having them in the first place


I wish I could get solar. My dad has it on his house, and now that he has batteries he pays nothing for his electric. Solar tech has gotten very good. Even the shitty weather in the UK can be harvested nowadays.

It’s a big contrast between my mum, who is worried about whether she’ll be able to afford to heat her house this winter, and my dad, who is completely self sufficient.


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:sweat_smile::rofl: so true

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New health secretary is a fat fuck and even more clueless than her predecessor.

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Cunteng has hopefully been the straw that breaks the camel’s back and we see a labour gov next election.

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700,000 earning over £150,000 a year will save £10,000 a year in this budget.

Wow, what a hero Liz Truss is! How much does the single mother of 2 from Doncaster who’s been using a food bank for 4 months save in this budget?


I guess Boris and to a degree Sunak were weirdo Tories, but beyond them I think all the ordinary Tories have never hid who’s class interests they intend to serve.

People shit on Sunak but I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t have done most of this so quickly.

This is great politics though. They can go into the next election saying they cut taxes. Probably get some mundane modified stats about growth being better than somebody else’s. Labour now have to stand on a platform of raising taxes which isn’t going to happen (well maybe on corporations or inheritance or something).

If you’re at risk of losing power you might as well rush through what you wanted all along.


Where’s the magic money tree for all this subsidy for Tue energy companies?

Rewarding their greed with more public money.

Look at the state of the pound. How can anyone say the Tories are good for the economy

I hate these Tories so much


The amazing thing about the Tories is that they say they’re going to invest in the infrastructure of the country and spend money on health and the police, as well as pay for people’s fuel bills, on top of the billions lost in lockdown but are also going to cut taxes.
Anyone with a basic knowledge of economics knows that this is impossible without borrowing on a massive scale.

Rather than getting the energy companies, who are making obscene profits pay more, they are going to borrow even more money.

This is just nonsense, like the lies they tell when they say they can’t tax rich companies because, if they do, they’ll go elsewhere.
We heard this with Thatcher, when the phrase “the politics of envy” started to be used, to scare voters into not voting for Labour, and no one left.

It’s just an excuse to make sure the people who fund them are looked after and they get to keep all their profits rather than paying their fair share like the rest of us have to.


Great stuff :relieved:

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Tory bastards giving a fuck about nothing but $$$$.



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I guess that’s why they were Truss supporters

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