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Trickle up economics? :slight_smile:


You can’t get worse than having nothing :man_facepalming:t5: What’s wrong with you people. Don’t you get it these people have nothing. At the moment you acting the same as those tories you are deriding

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Very true

Some of the crap on here is insufferable; the people on the red wall counties voted labour 30-40-50 years, the counties were labour for equally as long yet nothing changed for them; I guess the labour MP’s got comfortable and forgot to improve the lives of their constituents.

Online Arsenal’s response: vote labour it’s for your own good…


They’ve got this nothing from 12 years of Tories?

And they voted for more of that?

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Maybe I’m wrong but all I seem to see Liz Truss promise when she talks about tax cuts is basically stopping the corporation tax increase and then reversing the national insurance rise from April.

So the real winners of any tax cuts are going to be the big companies.

And even if they did cut income tax the real losers are the regular people who will have to contend with more cuts to vitals services as a consequence of their being a massive hole in the tax kitty.

With Sunak boasting about taking money out of deprived areas and Truss making sure that companies are going to be better off with her in charge there’s virtually no way either potential leader really intends to tackle the cost of living crisis and inflation


Still waiting for the defence of taking money from the most deprived areas, and giving it to affluent areas.

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Who you expecting that from?

The conservatives on this forum. I know it’s expecting much, but I’d love to hear what the defence is.


Just a tad. Considering who we are talking about.



Truss basically wants to make people richer right now, which is against everything every Tory is saying on inflation right now too.

You can’t increase people’s pay by 5% because of inflation, but if you made them equally better off through cutting their tax then that’s somehow sound economics.

I can’t wait for this to be over so we can stop hearing their shite every single day. The stuff Tory members want to hear is fucking baffling.


Cut taxes: I keep more of my money.

Raise taxes: the government takes more money from me leaving me with less.

I know which I would choose…

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I’m happy to pay more tax. What that tax is spent on is what’s important.


But the former doesn’t really address the cost of living crisis. All that’s going to happen is the NIC rise is going to be reversed, corporation tax is going to be cut and there will need to be cuts elsewhere which inevitably end up being to public services. Pay rises will still be in minute percentages that aren’t close to matching inflation so we are still largely worse off.

I’d be interested to know if you genuinely think that the Conservative party are going to pass on tax cuts to normal people like us whilst still pumping money into public services and funding them appropriately

It’s a genuine question btw I don’t think you’re “wrong” in what you want because ultimately it’s personal choice I’m just interested in your rationale

And our government has shown that it’s spends it on bs vanity shit

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Two thirds of tax goes on public services.

The other third is certainly open to discussion.

Not worried about that 2/3 it’s the rest

Do you have examples of expensive vanity projects?

How much money has been spent on hs2?