The UK Conservative Party

Worth remembering that a good chunk of that Conservative vote would back Brexit in another referendum along with a portion of that Labour vote too. Also the turn out would be much higher in another referendum and that favours Brexit I would think.

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I mean, Conservatives are pretty much fully pro-Brexit so they should count among that.

The brexit vote was higher than the non-Brexit vote last night

I don’t think that’s true at all. I think most Conservatives would prefer we stayed in the EU.

But they see going against the referendum as political suicide. I used to believe that as well, but now not so much.

The politicians maybe but Conservative voters are probably on balance in favour of brexit.

The voters voted for the Brexit party. If you’re going to lump conservatives together like that then I’d lump the Labour vote in as a remain vote, because it’s certainly not what you’d vote for if you wanted Brexit.

I’m not sure the majority of them would want us to crash out without a deal though.

But Labour aren’t a vote for remain either. That’s why they lost a shitload of votes :slight_smile:

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Yep. While your Tory MPs may personally he for remain, all their leadership contenders are for Brexit, and so is the Labour leadership.

If you’re voting for that, you’re voting for Brexit.

So if anything, Labour and Tories should be part of the pro-Brexit vote. At the very least they’re not remain.

Certain Tories have been winching about the UK in the EU for 40 odd years. And when the leavers won their referendum they turn on the remainers and called the moaners.
I’m still confused what the leavers think they will gain from leaving the EU. We are small compared to the big economies. Fifth riches with £1.5 trillion debt and growing. A consumer base of only 70m people. Most GDP from financial services but millions employed in manufactoring.
I’m really fed up with brexiteers saying how go it will be once we’ve out. Im old enough to remember when we were out and it was bad. Having to look to the USA and hope we don’t upset them. Poorly paid jobs in normal times. So now we are at the exit door waiting to be pushed out by leavers who believe this it will make us great again…



Haha yes, lay into him Marr. End this fool’s run at the leadership

“What does it say, Terri?”


Takes on Rory Stewart?

Likeable guy, and speaks a lot of sense regarding Brexit. Unfortunately that instantly rules him out of the running, I think I probably have just as much chance as he does.

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Conservative member dinosaurs get to pick the next PM and of it will be Boris the man locked away in a dark room by his team and only let out for a rousing speach about fighting the EU on the beaches …etc


TV debates have all been atrocious. Zero insight, Terrible production.

Pointless, cringe worthy exercise



15 year old Erin just came in and dropped the mic

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Yeah that debte was shit, just them talking over each other.

I like Rory though, seems to be the only one thinking ahead.

His comment about AI and robotics was interesting.

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