The U.S. Politics Thread

America really is trolling the world right now.

Everybody intelligent knows how futile that is as long as you have the EC.

And even if you try you get shouted at by members of the other 2 parties.

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That’s a neo-lib wet dream of a cabinet. Jeff Bezos :facepalm:

He should be nowhere near government.

@BigWeng_4LYFE the US system is set up to only allow for two parties. I did my thesis in college on that. It’s a joke.

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Seems like Kayne got free global press coverage for some unreleased album.

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Libruls. What a bunch of dicks.

What’s the context for this??

Just shows how far we’ve come when people are looking back on GWB, even liberals, with fawning nostalgia.

What’s the context for this??

I think it’s referring to the speech he gave at John Lewis’ memorial.


Funerals are where he does his best work lol. Been in the media’s good graces ever since he snuck Michelle Obama a piece of candy

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Absolutely horrifying. I hope Kushner rots in prison one day soon.