The U.S. Politics Thread


The way you describe Trump and his presidency I’m absolutely amazed that he lost the House of Representatives.

For what it’s worth I think Trump may win again in 2020, especially as the dems don’t really have a candidate to go up against him. But how you can say such things with that level of certainty astonishes me.


Tom Hanks runs in 2020 with Hillary as his VP. Resigns the day after his inauguration, Hillary for President.



I follow in detail from a wide range of sources on a daily basis.

Cannot see anyway, apart from mass demographic changes in battleground states like Florida, Dems can win the electoral college votes they need

That is as long as the economy continues to rattle along like it is - that is vital to Trump

The fact GOP won more seats and governerships in the mid terms suggests they have advantages in State wide voting which will help them in the General.

Mark my words, nailed on Trump 2020


Now the democrats have the house, do you think they will do anything productive, or try to do investigations on trump and waste the countries time, because their have nothing else?



Obstruction, delay and investigations

They have no policies to offer


I dont doubt you do but two years is a very long time in politics. All manner of things can change on a geo-political level or perhaps big events within the US which are impossible to forsee.

I agree that Dems will waste their time if they pursue Trump as a person relentlessly. But the US system of government allows for them to block legislation and pretty much be as awkward as possible, much like what the republicans did to Obama in his final term. The Democrats will need fresh ideas on issues such as the economy and immigration though. Trump is hardly infallible


There are a bunch of bills on the floor of the Senate. GOP should spend every moment between now and Xmas recess passing bills into law

Because after that they will be reliant on Presidential decree to get shit done for the next two years


That’s the problem with the US system, it encourages very little cooperation. Obama did everything by presidential decree but it all lacked bi-partisan support and then Trump could just come in and undo everything from the previous four years. In many respects the US system has too many checks and balances


Expect a representative democracy to be reflective of the people it represents.

American society has been becoming increasing divisive over the years on key issues. America is too big to govern effectively with huge amounts of Partisanship


I don’t think trump can win 2020 if the Dems don’t take the Midwest firewall states for granted.

He doesn’t really have a route to victory, especially if Dems vote how they did the other day.


That’s a very good point, but the system allows for the polarization to be made prominent. If we had a proportional electoral system here it would show the polarization of this country to it’s full level. One of benefits of our system is that it does allow for governments to pass legislation in a easy manner but with checks still.


Which is why it’s so good that one of the states (can’t remember which one) voted in an amendment which puts in ranked voting for their next elections.

Let me look it up.

Edit: here is a kind of shitty link on it

It was very interesting that even in die-hard republican states, these unpartisan propositions were being voted in.

I’m talking things like marijuana legalization etc, and even Florida voted for a proposition that gives former convicts the vote.

I guess if you put a reasonable policy in without showing its from a democrat/republican, more people support it.


You can always count on the Democrats to screw things up. They’ll probably run Hilary again, they’re that arrogant.




After 8 years the incumbents almost always lose control of the house. And tbh the fact that the Republicans picked up seats in the Senate is a pretty huge victory for Trump.

And if they do this, I also think it will sour a lot of ppl come 2020 and Trump will win again.


It’s the Dems that don’t have a path to victory

You only have to look at the county by county map of 2016 to see the monumental task they face

Party split, no real candidate, no message, facing incumbent with strong economy and huge fan base. GOP very likely to get behind Trump 2020 after seeing every Senator he endorsed win in mid terms.

Dems are stuck on around 47% which includes NY and Ca, take them out and they are struggling.

My call is that Trump gets more like 320 in the EC next time. Lump on. Should be about 1/4. Getting odds against is insane


Hearing republican controlled counties allowed Email voting, which is illegal by state law.

Surely this election will have to be rerun?


As part of the working class in America whose friends are all part of working class America… the few hundred bucks a year is absolutely nothing compared to the breaks he gave million and billionaires. All the data is here… no one, not even die hard Trumpists can say it made a difference.


So still a chance for the Dems in Georgia and Florida? @NeedCoffee

#1106 This article says the opposite.

For every 10 articles on google against it you find 1 for. The ten articles against seems to mirror each other’s points.