The U.S. Politics Thread


Such as?


The White House have banned Acosta and accused him of assault. :joy:

(Needless to say, nothing of the sort took place. She came for the mic, he wouldn’t let go. End.)


Lock him up! Guess that sacking Sessions means he fears the impeachment now that the Dems won the House.


Getting rid of Sessions was a no brainer. Now Trump can simply quash the Mueller investigation.


We should see a strong reaction to Sessions gone in the coming days.

It’s truly incredible how much of a shitshow this presidency has become and it’s likely to become worse.


As bad as Trump is, and as much of a liar and fraud he has been proved to be, people are still voting for him, simply because the Democrats have yet to find any viable opposition.

In a country the size of America, surely there must be someone out there that has the charisma to outshine the worst president they have ever had.


A few of us were discussing this over a couple of beers last night. Our working theory is that unless The Rock or Oprah runs he’ll win again.


Sessions wouldn’t have stopped Muller and rightly so.


Such as the half truths of race realism, the taken out of context bell curve (race and I.Q.), and certain perceptions of nobody needing a certain amount of welfare.

The alt right is just wrong on all fronts.


What has any of that got to do with my post?


Did you not as a question about my qoute?


Oops, sorry. Forgot about that and thought you were responding to my more recent post.

Fair enough.


It’s too close to call really and it always comes down to the battleground states. He lost the popular vote in 2016 despite not having a candidate who could energise the populace or resonate in the battleground states. In 2018 we have seen a 55-45 swing for the Dems. The ‘whitelash’ in 2016 will have a backlash of more ‘anyone but Trump’ voters in 2020. Any left winger/minority who stayed at home in 2016 will be coming out in 2020.

None of that means he can’t win and it depends how his opponent comes across in terms of personality. Because issues alone don’t seem to get enough people out. Actually American’s seem to need a very very simple slogan more than anything ‘Change We Can Believe In, Yes We Can’…‘Make America Great Again’. Hillary didn’t have a slogan.


She had “I’m with her”:joy: to this day I struggle to figure out what that means as a concept for the people. “Yes we can” and “make America great again” speaks to people they can draw and superimpose they own mean on those. I’m with her was just flat.


What about policies that resonate with people? If you think slogans personality won him the presidency alone, you’d be wrong.

Hilary and dems has nothing to offer ordinary Americans.


I am a big follower of US politics

Still laughable that MSM totally missed the whole story of Trump 2016. Even on the night they were all going ‘this is a shock’ etc

Only a shock if you ignored the massive rallies, the online campaign, the sense of change coming.

Trump is a certainty to win in 2020 as winning three more Senate seats shows. He’ll flip states he narrowly missed in 2016 like Virginia and have an even bigger electoral college victory


Preach Pede


What exactly does Trump offer to ordinary Americans in terms of policies? Every decision he makes is for big business and fucking the average American.


So you deny that the tax cuts did nothing for the working class as well the reduction of red tape allowed jobs to return and allowed employers to employ more people?

I get you don’t like him but seriously come on.

Here is another what has the democrats put forward to better trump That’s appealing to you?


Two biggest issues are the economy and immigration

Trump destroys the Dems on both

That’s why he will win

Dems don’t have a single viable candidate to put up and are totally divided between the corporate neo-con Dems and the extreme left communist open border mob

What are they going to run on? We are not Trump? Raise taxes? Open borders? Cut spending on military?
How will any of that help?

Trump is nailed on in 2020