The U.S. Politics Thread


Is this old?


The guy’s a tool.


From his conference today.


That press conference. Fuck me. hahahaha.


Seems like the same questions over and over again


I think that’s the point. So that he doesn’t keep evading answering by moving on to somebody else.


You seem upset.

Be a fucking man and actually support him rather than pulling the classic Fox News tactic of “asking questions” whilst pretending to maintain neutrality.


What an absolute cunt :rofl: at least answer one fckn question whilst in office


No I asking questions; I have no reason to hate the man, there is enough of it already.

I just find it odd before the last two years nobody cared nor hated trump; but now he is the boggie man, it’s almost laughable.


It’s certainly not new. Just needs more journalists with a backbone and it’ll get even more farcical.


It’s difficult to put into words how much I loathe that man.

I can only hope to see him rotting behind bars one day.


Do you mean the women he raped and the people he avoided paying for their which forced them into bankruptcy hated him? Or do you think black people generally might have thought he was cunt since he racially degraded Obama for the last decade? Or when he said black people shouldn’t be around in front of his guests?

Or do you mean wider society gave more of a fuck since he decided to start racially abusing people based on their race?

It’s all fucking crazy laughable isn’t it you window licking cunt


There are many reasons to hate him, and it’s this kind of comment that makes me think you are a supporter of his, or at least empathise with him and his base.

Before he was elected nobody had any reason to take him seriously, and therfore felt no reason to express any real hate. You’re seeking hypocrisy or double standards where there are none.

OMG it’s laughable that people hate him since he became President and actually had tangible power, how ridiculous that since then people started to hate him with a passion!

So as I said, have some balls and admit you support him to some extent, and stop this pretence of “I’m just asking questions”


The same black people, who had in music videos and other things, or admired him for god knows why.

Well I guess you should tell the historically black colleges he gave funding to after Obama removed the funding.

It’s true he went bankrupt several times, might have said some shit, I don’t know about rapes but hey people still liked bill clinton.

I just find it amazing that none of that was a problem when he was a democrat…


Yet he hasn’t used any of his new power against any of his detractors :man_shrugging:t5:; I don’t support him frankly like anyone there is good and bad.

Politics in America has come less about policies; gains loses or anything. It just I don’t like him so nothing he does is good.


More fucking bullshit from you. People didn’t care when he was a reality TV star simply talking shit, now he’s president they obviously care more. Laughable that you think you’re exposing some sort of double standard.


But he isn’t “like anyone”, and your insistence that he is betrays your viewpoint. Have some fucking balls and state your position.


Betrays my view point which is?

I don’t have talk a stance on something that doesn’t effect me at all. He does good things and says shitty things, that’s his character whether you like or not.


I’ve made it clear what viewpoint I think it betrays.

And if you don’t bother to have opinions on things that don’t affect you then again, I think that betrays your viewpoint. Tends to be right leaning people who decide that things that don’t affect them personally are of no consequence.

Plus I’ve seen enough of your current affairs posts to have an idea of which way you lean.

So yeah, have some balls and simply state your position Mr Psychologist, I’d respect you more if you did, instead of cloaking your tacit support behind some nonsense about being a passive observer.


Cloaking haha funny, my views varies from topic to topic. Something not affecting you doesn’t mean you can’t ask questions on it, or in trumps case watch the reactions of people that’s not even in America hating for reasons.

Unlike you I am not rooted left or right, if there is bs on the right I call it same with left.

I find it odd that the same people that call trump racist etc, wanted Hilary who denergrated rap victims, is one of the most racist people in politics to the point even recently said “all blacks look the same”; but hey the woman who coined the term super predator to describe black males has an easy pass. Oh yeah let’s not forget the three strikes rule :smirk:.

Well I guess when you lean left all your sins a washed away.

Yes trump talks shit on many occasions; however his policies currently are helping many working class people (which includes a lot of black families). I forgot working class people don’t matter if they don’t share the politics or outrage of the left.

Edit: let’s not forget Hilary and her TTP, which have taken more jobs from the working class, aslo she was shilling for the banks of Wall Street as well as foreign investors over the American people.