The U.S. Politics Thread


Depends where you are in the world. In the UK, probably around early/mid morning. Oh, here ya go:


Pretty much forecasted at this point the dems took enough seats in the house to swap it. They still control the senate tho. Is it a big shock? Not really considering the incumbents usually lose after 8 years, and the 8 years are up for the republicans.


A bit expected. The Dems have lost all the toss-up seats though. Trump can be satisfied in the end.


No he won’t be, now if the dems are unified they can block anything he wants to do by denying him funding. They can also start a bunch of investigations into any wrong doing Trump may have committed.


Yup, his tax returns that he’s repeatedly refused to disclose will be high on the Dems’ list of to-do’s. Trump meltdown incoming.


Apparently they’ve already started on that


Let them focus on rather mundane things, that will show trump who’s boss.


The tax returns aren’t mundane. Not at all.


Ok, but it could have been worse.


All things considered, that wasn’t bad.

What was the Arizona and Montana senate results?

Minimising the losses in the senate, took the house, and flipped a few governorships.

Remember, the electoral map is ridiculously hard for democrats due to gerrymandering and other stupid things.

They had a huge rise in the popular vote, and the Midwest states trump won flipped back hard to the Dems.

I’m a bit sad due to Florida though. Was pulling for Andrew Gillum, followed that race a bit and he sounded like a great guy. Fucking Florida always fucking it up, truly the shithole of America. Cuban Americans :xhaka:

But hey, at least ex-cons in Florida get the vote again, that’s a big win and will come in very handy in the future. Gillum could have won had they already had the vote now, and wasn’t this a factor in Bush beating Gore back in the day?

That and the blatant corruption in Georgia, glad the Georgia Dem candidate isn’t conceding hopefully she fights that bullshit a bit, at least gets an investigation or something.

Not too bad. It’s a base and a start to build something on, just have to keep up the protests, keep up the engagement, keep up the high turnouts in 2020, and it looks very tough for Trump to get a 2nd term.

@NeedCoffee surely you can be please with that?


are they? what’s your take (prediction)


If nothing else, this will take Trump down a peg or two. The cunt needs to be reined in.


Just a question; has trump done anything good for America?
I mean people hate since he became president; however looking back on everything, nobody hated him when he was a democrat.


I suppose the whole Korea thing. I mean most of that was Moon-Jae In, but I can’t deny trump had a part to play, I guess his chaos made even Kim Jong In think a bit.


There are so many ppl elected that i have no clue what their politics are, so it’s hard to say, but my guess would be hell yeah cuz they all hate Trump so much. It’s a unifying factor.

The onus really is on Trump now though, he’s gotta forge a relationship with Pellosi if he ever wants to see the light of day on any of his agenda. Will he do that? We’ll see if he really is the ultimate deal maker or not I guess :joy::joy:


There’s a positive and negative spin in everything Trump has done tbh.

I rarely find news outlet who appraoch the issue with balance or objectivity on either side.

Trump’s biggest win is making the US more competitive in the global markets by deregulation, reworking existing agreements and reducing the domestic tax burden.

Whether or not his measures are sustainable or even beneficial for the US medium to long term is a diffierent matter completely.


What are your views on them; could they be potentially long lasting?


Kemp is even worse than Trump. A racist gangster.


This guy is feeling it :arteta:

The beginning of the end perhaps.

Also Florida and Georgia governor races may be heading to reruns/runoffs. But unlikely.

Honestly the best stuff happened last night was in the lower levels, like the state legislatures, state houses and governments. Sure the Senate doesn’t look great, but the base and foundation is there in a way it simply wasn’t beforehand. And all chock full with actual progressives :wenger2:


Cautiously optimistic.