The U.S. Politics Thread


God American politics is way too polarised. “The democrats want this… The Republicans want to introduce this”, why can’t they just respond to the question which explicitly asks for THEIR opinion, not how they interpret what the opposition wants.



I think tomorrows midterms are arguably the most significant for American politics in a very long time.

How do you guys feel over in the States? @Arsenal4thetreble @Josh @NeedCoffee and any of our other American posters.


This mid-terms are probably more of a ‘culture war’ than the one in 2016. I don’t personally think this is a great thing for democrats as Trump has a core base that seem to vote for him purely based on culture. If democrats focused more on issues around healthcare, education, and infrastructure, whilst highlighting his clear moral/personal flaws, they would probably fare much better.

I haven’t followed any polls but I don’t think either side has a particularly clear lead, which may make following the live results quite interesting. Not sure if I can justify staying up till the early morning just for the US mid-terms though :joy:


I think the polls do show a blue surge to the extent that a state like Texas could flip (unlikely still mind)

But who knows if that translates to votes.

Democrats have to win big on the governorships as well as every thing else and restructure the district maps properly in 2020 and get rid of this ridiculous gerrymandering.



Yup it’s being made out over here just as you said. It’s all hands on deck to stop Trump, and I’ve read that new young voter registration is up like 400% in some areas. Of course that could be off a small base but ppl are a lot more passionate about voting this year than in times past.

It goes for both sides tho, I had a co worker on Friday admonishing me to get out and vote Republican :joy::joy:

So yeh everyone is buying the hype. I personally feel our political setup in this country is all wrong and it’s causing most of the problems. The me against them divide that is tearing the nation in two. Having only two options is criminal.


I am very, very cynical right now. To the point where I have stopped listening to the news. Regardless of what happens, I think the real damage has been done. Until we can get people like Ajit Patel, Andrew Wheeler, and Betsy DeVos out of their respective offices, the damage will keep compounding. Trump continues to enable and legitimize home grown terrorists so the atrocities won’t stop any time soon. Add to that the trade war we are currently in, and the good ole US of A is in a very dark place.

Having said all that, I’m still voting and will be turning in my ballot tonight (Washington votes by mail, with secure drop boxes located in various places around the state).


Hoping for an incredibile win Dem in Georgia, Texas and Florida for the Dems. Trump would get embarrassed if it happened.


I’ll be up all night following

Not got the bottle to back my judgement but I’m predicting, much like in 2016, the hidden red voters will affect the outcome, expect polls to be wrong my more thanarhim of error

Pop corn at the ready


It seems as if many potential dems have been motivated to vote though. Plus Trump is now the incumbent, it’s very difficult to get new voters out to vote for him when he’s the status quo. But on the whole I’d be surprised if there was any landslide in either direction, and the republicans will likely keep control of one of the Senate or congress


Polls weren’t wrong in 2016. People just interpreted them wrong.


This this this.

Okay some polls were a bit wild in the EU referendum and US election but most were within the margin of error (typically 2-3%)


Why do you assume all these new votes would go to the democrats?


Because the Dems didn’t come out in 2016, they weren’t energised. Anyone who’s anti trump who didn’t want to vote will now want to vote in protest. Obviously all the new voters won’t all be Dems but a higher turn out favours Dems anyway as do new/younger voters. Especially when Republicans already have what they want, ie their president, so they’re more likely to not show up. There will also be people who voted for Trump who have become disillusioned by the reality of his Presidency.


Because the reports are coming from the left and that’s the spin they are putting on it.


But these young voters could also be new young voters that like trump. We shouldn’t assume all the young voters a democrats.


I know right; I rather wait and see.


I don’t see why young voters would suddenly feel energised to vote for an incumbent that is solely focusing on the ‘caravans’ coming from the south. Albeit turnout may be far lower than reported so it is definitely best to wait and see, but I’d imagine most new voters will vote democrat.


That’s an assumption based on your own views, their themselves might see things completely different from you.

Waiting and seeing is the best option, I’ve seen the blu wave is coming, then not quite :man_shrugging:t5: