The U.S. Politics Thread


An interesting point, which I think @Dr_Strangepass made

No platforming on a large scale seems to work.

But I guess mainly when it’s from their own sides.


I don’t get no platfirming at all is that not a firm of censorship? Is that not killing free speech? Some of milo says I agree with some I disagree with. And yes deplatforming him has made him popular because become intrigued on why. Then it turns out he is not this hate filled monster and actually has intresting point of view that should be debated


No. Dude can still say whatever he wants. He just can’t do so in those places anymore.


Is there anything to back up this claim? Or is it just you extrapolating from your personal experience?

Because as far as I can tell he has been pretty quiet recently, is writing less and generating fewer headlines than he was previously. I’m not getting a sense of his popularity being resurgent.


Popular with people who love trolling attention whores who claim paedophilia is a good thing and it made them all the better at giving head. Maybe popular with paedophiles then.

The thing is universities actually pay speakers to be on the platform and if anyone thinks that’s a good use of resources they need to have a word with themselves.


Why not? Why does with deferring views have the right to say he can’t speak there? I’m sure there are people who want to listen to him. I’m so I don’t agree with people choosing who gets to speak where because they don’t agree. Should I go to your favorite restaurant and stop you from eating something because I don’t like it? The world needs diverse view points and those that are flawed should be debated in civil discourse. Not shouting or baring people it’s funny because only left leaning people do this I’ve never heard republican/conservative do this practice


Because freedom of speech. They can say what they like. It doesn’t mean that institutions and companies have to listen to them though. But if they do, that’s just market forces at work right? Private bodies responding to what their market is telling them. Which the right is usually quite keen on.


There’s such a thing as freedom of speech, there’s no such thing as a right to a platform to speak in. Create your own if it’s that important.

If it was your restaurant then yes, absolutely you could dictate what was available to eat.

And the right don’t do it? Link me to the left leaning views on Infowars so.


But it’s not the insistutions saying no is it now just a bunch of anointed activist who think it’s they right to police what people get to listen to


I’ve never been infowars but link me to an article or a vid where right leaning activist shut down a talk they did not agree with. University is not infowars it’s a institution for learning for the exploration of ideas weather left or right of the political sphere no matter how uncomfortable. If you can’t listen and debate ideas you might aswel turn univercities and colleges into a echo chamber factory of one view points and no innovative ideas


Well they probably haven’t succeeded in shutting down stuff but you can be damn sure they tried. Tough break, the owners of the platforms didn’t agree with them.

Again, if having a university that is right leaning is so important then people should set one up. They don’t have the right to have those veiws heard at universities that don’t want them there. Regardless of how the decision that they’re not wanted there came about.


What are you talking about? No educational institution should left or right in fact most were conservative and has become more liberal over the years. The mere fact you say this show you are becoming like those on the right intolerant and a separatist.


So you’re talking about regular people utilising their right to protest outside venues where people are due to speak?


People are free to think whatever they want. I’m free not to listen to that.

I’m free not to give a shit if people think it’s unfair that they aren’t allowed use twitter (or universities or whatever) to say those things.

If what is being said is so important then find another way to say it and quit the fucking whining. I’m not a separatist I just think if you (not you) want a platform so badly then just fucking create one.


You can protest as much you like but shutting down a speaker because you don’t agree with they view point is bs. What about those want to listen to that speaker or paid to listen to that said speaker? Don’t they have a right to hear that said speak?


Shutting down protestors because you don’t agree with their point of view is bs


Universities were not made for one view but many what twitter or Facebook does it’s up to them.


Again who said anything about shutting down protest. Everyone can protest as much as they like


So you’re mad that the protest worked?

Genuinely trying to understand where you’re coming from. Perhaps a link to a specific case might help me understand.


There’s 4chan and also this: