The U.S. Politics Thread


None of that will even come remotely close to happening. Sensationalism at its finest.


If Republicans get their way on legislation, they will. Have you paid no attention to the bills they’ve been churning out over the past five years? The combination of a Republican Congress and a Republican president would just embolden them.

Thankfully, Trump will lose in a landslide.


By the way, as of February 2015, House Republicans had voted to repeal, defund or strip away provisions of the Affordable Care Act 67 times. They’ve added quite a few votes to that total in the past year and a half as well. Trump says he wants to repeal it. So what do you think will happen if they pass a bill to repeal it and send it to his desk?


This country is a joke, honestly. How can such noxious, pervasive ignorance co-exist with such wealth and abundance of education.

When I think of the U.S. all I can think of is some kind of big, perverted monster. Like Frankenstein.

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So what? Obamacare is a terrible piece of legislation and it’s failing miserably. Out of 23 co-ops only 7 remain because only sick people are signing up. It completely defeats the purpose of insurance. Only 3% of the population have even signed up, and it’s raising everyone else’s premiums as well.


Accused of being Sensationalism? When disagreeing with a over-Populistic ‘politician’. What did I miss?


Obama-care failing yes. That’s good, because health care is really only for all who can afford an insurance (thank God).


There are other ways to go about providing health care to everyone, even the ones who can’t afford it. In fact that’s one of the issues Trump has been more vocal about solving.


Hillary is a vile piece of work as is Trump , so yes the choice is between a giant douche and a turd sandwich according to South Park

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In response to Moondoggies reply to my post about the Clintons…

How the Clinton Foundation Got Rich off Poor Haitians

more at:

The Crimes of Mena

Mate, there’s so much dirt on the Clintons it’s unbelievable, all you have to do is look and you will find it.

As for Bill being a rapist…women have come forward and are prepared to go into court and swear to the man’s guilt. i don’t have the women’s names off hand, but i do know these women have been vetted by lawyers.

Everything else is freely available, i simply can’t be arsed to go look for it all. but i would never have made that post if i thought any of it was inaccurate.

As for Bernie the socialist, the man is a complete sell-out!

Yep, the man is a real stand up dude who won’t compromise his principles, or sell-out his supporters

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Trump is not your standard Republican. He’s made it clear from the get go he’s going to do things his own way. In his speech at the RNC last night he made history be being the only GOP candidate ever to talk about protecting the LGBT community. It’s all doom and gloom, fear mongering from the left and the superpacs stumping up the money to air all this propoganda against a non establishment candidate. They did it to Bernie too and the old people fell for it too.


So here we go wikileaks hacked into 30,000 emails from the DNC and found a lot of shady shit.

The most appaling, yet not surprising is that the party were actively sabotaging the Sanders campaign. Other notables is that the Democrats pay for protesters at the Trump rallies. If it doesn’t turn out the way they want they send their interns down there. Then the bought and paid for media spin the story like it was some crazy violent protest against Trump. Holy shit this is insane, not rhat it wasn’t expected but that the proof is there now and it can’t be laughed off as a conspiracy anymore. By the way the media out here is focusing on the hacking more than what the emails actually have to say…surprise surprise.

The Democrats are fucking psychotic, thus the reason I’m pulling for Trump. I’ve said before that neither candidate is ideal but Hillary and the DNC are far more corrupt and much bigger bullies than the other side.

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Trump is quite liberal tbh, he is painted as this homophobic, xenophobe, racist, facist Hitler wannabe but it’s all media bullshit propoganda.

First off he wants to stop illegal immigrants and undocumented workers. It is a real problem especially in california because these people can work under the table, pay no taxes and at the same time get aid from the state even though they aren’t supposed to be here in the first place. Draining the middle class. He obviously wants to get rid of the criminals and violent illegals but he’s said before the honest law abiding people can stay and become legal.

He wants to renegotiate trade agreements and put tariffs on companies who pull up their stakes and leave the US taking jobs overseas. Heavily taxing Chinese imports as well as Mexico. A lot of companies in America have moved there due to the economy and labor being much cheaper there. A lot of Americans have lost their jobs, he wants to reverse this. This is a view not held by most republicans, they actually support a lot of the trade agreements that have been bad business for the states.

He doesn’t like obamacare for the reasons I’ve stated above but he does want to instill universal health care, once again not a very far right supported idea. Most republicans want to privatize health care but trump is more of a socialist in this regard.

Tax breaks, and yes this is what moondogie was talking about. Trickle down economics. It does work, when people have more money they usually invest in business and the economy. It’s heavily reliant on his tarrifs and taxation of foreign goods.

He supports medicare and social security which isn’t supported in the masses by the Republicans, but he is pro life and wants to ban abortion after 20 weeks so pretty standard conservative there.

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Come on, that’s nonsense. He’s painted that way because he acts like a fucking bigot, it’s not some media creation.

And trickle down economics does not work. Bullshit theory designed to excuse selfish and greedy right wing economics, to say, “hey its ok that so much money goes into the hands of the very wealthiest, because it’ll filter back down through the system and make everyone else richer. Eventually.”


Exactly, nobody puts words in his mouth, he acts and speaks like a bigot. I barely ever watch the news as I’d like to think for myself and not form opinions based on what media is saying. The man is a narcissistic sociopath I wouldn’t trust with having the access to the nuke codes as he’s so thin skinned that he sues everyone for anything that is publicly said about him,


And if our own Trident system isn’t fully independent as I suspect, then Trump might have his finger on our nuke buttons as well.


Trump has stated he wants to form closer ties with Russia, Putin has said he welcomes this and thinks he could work closely with a Trump administration. that’s not the rhetoric of a warmonger. i would think any sane person who would like to see a more stable world would welcome this.

Hitllery on the other hand is a liar, criminal and a warmonger, point being, on words alone i’d sooner like to see Trump in charge of the nuke codes than that slimy stinking cunt.

Is Trump perfect?! obviously not, nobody on this planet could be called that, is he trustworthy?! if compared to Hillary, i’d say he’s MUCH more trustworthy. will he stick to his word and do all the good things he says he will?! only time will tell. if i’m asked why i would afford Trump this and no other career politician? because he’s not your usual career politician, he’s come from outside the political establishment, is self made and has said things people want to hear that no other politician would dare to say for fear of pissing off their crony banker friends.

Enough with the Bush’s, enough with the fucking Clinton’s, time to give someone else a crack at it.



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If the descriptions about her from people who know well are accurate, and to be believed, she’s a complete control freak who lives to dominate.