The U.S. Politics Thread

Lock them up.


Now you can carry guns everywhere.

Only the best country in the world could allow this. Freedom etc.


The Empire strikes back

Not that anyone really gives a shit but the hypocrisy of these fuckos on the court striking down a New York law because states aren’t supposed to have control and then upholding a state level forced birth bill because only states are supposed to have control is just insane.

But they don’t care and the Christofacist gun lovers don’t care either. We are truly the dumbest country.

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Praise the lord and pass the ammunition.



So what are the actual ramifications of this?

A raft of law changes in certain states seems likely. Challenges against them. 50 years trying to reestablish the right…

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It goes to the states to decide abortion laws, thus democrat states can have abortion up until 9 months plus and republican states can do up until a heart beat is discovered.

Conservative states will change the laws, liberal states will keep the same i would assume.


There is nothing liberal about killing a child in the womb under the false premise of healthcare

Ok so women in republican states will just travel to democratic states to get their abortions. If they can afford it.

I’m sure the puritans will try to make some laws banning that

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Yeah hasn’t Texas made some snitching law where if you rat on someone who’s had an abortion they get arrested and the snitch gets $10k?

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Bad faith argument as per…


Freedom is apparently more bans. What a joke.

Colorado and Alaska says differently two states you can. Look it up before you say bad faith


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Same but it’s to predictable at this point to even care. “Oh no right wing fascist don’t want us to kill unborn children”

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