The U.S. Politics Thread

I don’t understand was someone pounding a table?

No, just an expression. If you can’t argue the law or the facts, your best bet is to muddy the waters, make a lot of noise and that’s basically what their lawyer did. That defense was a loser from the jump.

Lmao must be an American saying. But yeah looked into it and it was unanimous from both left and right sources I read and viewed that it was open and shut case

I think it was just something my professors would say. :arteta:

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Really surprised this didn’t happen in Florida

We’re all Florida now.



Real footage:


Never had Little Ceasars, it’s that good?

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Do you like cardboard with plastic melted on top? Then you’ll love it.


I take it you’re not as keen on it as “Tennessee man” apparently was :sweat_smile:


If ya gonna threaten someone with an AK for making you wait a few mins, your decision making probably isn’t all that reliable. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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From an outside perspective this is pretty much it for me. You just don’t know where you might meet this kind of shit anymore. The entire country just doesn’t seem safe to me as an outsider looking in.

I realise that’s ridiculous by the way but I mean in terms of would I be inclined to visit, definitely not.

This is like a couple of years back when all of a sudden there were a series of videos from mobile phones over a short space of time of altercations on domestic flights, and if you saw them and didn’t put in perspective you would think they were commonplace and hence there would be risk of experiencing altercations if you flew. What hits the news hits the news, but isn’t in any statistical context at all.

Anyway, you don’t want me to get started on what I (and many others) think of Europe (and UK) now. It’s a both ways thing, and of course can be fueled by only getting partial slanted information.

Little Ceasars isn’t terrible but what do u expect for a pizza that costs $5? The real sleeper at Little Ceasers is the crazy bread, that shit is dank af.

United States does get a bad rep because of coverage but I bet we have as many nutters in every corner of the world. There’s definitely some cultural issue with America but I wouldn’t say they are a lot worse than most.

With regards to the question whether I would like to visit US someday. Would need some proper motivation to do so as the image is definitely tarnished in my head.

Sometimes ignorance is better to enjoy a place.

Well of course not many Americans will sweat over whether you (and others) want to travel to US or not, just as is the same way with my cutting down on travel to UK, even though I still have property there (I don’t expect Brits to be bothered about my hesitation).

I didn’t expect anyone to be bothered with whatever I do.

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By all means, go for it. I certainly wouldn’t take offence.

One key difference of course is random punters here don’t bring their assault rifles food shopping.

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