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Linda Fontaine “[excerpt] Only that’s not the problem. As Ars Technica pointed out on Monday, wind power in Texas is currently working at over 100% of its projected capacity. The real problem is that the Texas electrical grid is working exactly as designed, by people who created a system where the occasional failure is a virtue. Because the profits are better that way.”



Here’s what I’ve read so far about Biden’s campaign promises…

Biden while campaigning said he would cancel a certain amount of student debt immediately, hasn’t done it and is backtracking.

Promised $2,000 stimulus checks would go out immediately if elected. Nothing.

Said nobody would be deported in the first 100 days in office…has deported over 20,000 ppl and is on pace to deport even more than Trump.

He reopened a Trump immigrant detention facility to place immigrant children in.

Promised a $15 minimum wage nationwide, but already giving up on that.

Now he’s bombed Iranians in Syria…

Am I missing something? Don’t the Dems control the House and Senate, how are these things not getting done?


Judge him in May?


Corruption mate. Nearly all of your politicians are bought and paid for. Only Bernie, Andrew Yang and the squad aren’t. And maybe that fella who ran against the Kennedy kid.


Yeh I was being a bit facetious. Nice to see that the major cornerstones of his campaign, he actually had zero intention of doing, just straight lying to get votes :joy::joy:


Not only that he removed the executive order put in place by trump in regards to child trafficking and Paedophile’s because trump signed it :ok_hand:t5:. Peak banter

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Certain progresives like Kyle Kulinski said they were against voting for Biden because they knew he was going to be as bad as Trump

The main reason anyone left leaning was voting for Biden was because they were scared of what Trump could do.

But few people were loving Biden, most just hoped he was a bit better. He’s a massive cunt though. Always has been, Obama only picked him as a shout out to right wingers within the Dems.

He’s signed a lot of orders. Which one did this?

All the other points are valid but on this one do you expect him to stand still and not to act on threats to US assets in the region?

If Iranian backed militia groups are or planning attacks on US personnel or bases isn’t that is a valid use of military force?

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Problem is we don’t have any information on whether it’s valid or not. US foreign policy is a complete mystery to the general public. That’s why from administration to administration it appears as though nothing really changes on the international stage for the US.

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You’ve been awfully silent in this thread lately? Had a nice sabbatical and a cry on your MAGA bedsheets before logging back on?

I’m loathe to defend Biden but this is a little misleading. There was an order from the executive branch to stop deportations which was challenged in court by some Conservatives and MAGA cultists. The judge, appointed by Trump, has at least temporarily blocked the order from the Biden administration which has allowed ICE and DHS to continue deporting people.