The U.S. Politics Thread

I know Spanish flu is not Spanish in fact historians think it may have come from China also :grimacing:. But it’s still not bigoted or racist to call it Chinese flu it originated from China. The problem so many outlets called it wuhan flu and Chinese flu, but when trump said it it was racist. And like typical sheep everyone followed at the end of the day mate it came from China which makes it a Chinese virus much like Ebola was an African virus. Stop being offend on the behalf of people

The WHO seem to pick and choose whether they want their novel viruses to be named based on a place or not.

It’s admirable to not, like they did with SARS and now COVID but where was this energy with MERS, which was between the 2?

Oh yeah. I do want to add that Donald Trump is a massive, stupid dumb cunt motherfucker who is the worst person you could have in charge of a country during this thing, and he spouting dangerous bullshit and lies, like this:

This tweet should be deleted. If both these drugs are taken together, they can cause your heart to stop.

Fucking dumb fat orange clown mother fucker I’d love to mash his face in.

Seriously, these blue fuckers better make sure Joe gets in if that’s who they’re with right now, or they should never be listened to again.


But at least they’re not using petty bigotry to help them decide how to name it.

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Defo give China a hard time for how it behaved re the virus, but calling it Chinese flu is basically pointless, serving no end other than to get some innocent Chinese people duffed up in the street by twats.


Yeah I’m going with Chinese virus from now on, apart from on social media platforms as I don’t want go get in a pickle with work.

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That dumb fucker trump can call it the Chinese virus if he wants, but his complete ineptness is creating a leadership vacuum that China wants to occupy now, which is pretty dangerous.

The Chinese themselves are creating propaganda that the US imported the virus into Wuhan, and now by giving countries like Italy and Serbia ventilators, is creating major allies and disrupting the usual sphere of influence.

If an authoritarian government is seen to be handling this better than the western countries then that’s not very good for the future.

Thank you, this is exactly what I’m saying. And is exactly why it’s really asinine for you to be saying “don’t get offended on behalf of other people” in reply to me @ryaninho. Makes you seem like you have little interest in actually engaging with me, and it’s more than a little ironic that you are claiming in your post that other people are behaving like mindless sheep when instead of engaging with the points I’ve made you just trot out a clichéd, brainless line like the one I’ve just mentioned.

I’m going to try and do something more pleasant or productive with my Sunday than continue this discussion with you, because it won’t make either of us happy and will probably just bring other people’s moods down reading us argue. I feel depressed enough as it is lol.

I still can’t believe they flew those suffering back to this country, even if they did stick them in quarantine. Restrictions on travel should’ve been one of the first things put in place.

Wrong thread. Thought this was the Corona one.

Hopefully no one sees China as handling it better. They have a huge advantage though in being a dictatorship. They don’t need to put any social security in place during a long lockdown and indeed haven’t, and then they can simply hide the human cost from the population with state media.


Let’s call a truce bro in times likes these we should not argue over stupid things like the name of a virus. Just keep yourself safe bro.

Basically fuck Trump and fuck the Chinese practices. We’re in the midst of a global epidemic and all these politicians seem to be doing is facing off on a war of words on us vs them. On top of that, the media outlets such as CNN love the headlines it is generating.

This shitty term for this virus is a product of all this rubbish and it shouldn’t be getting anywhere near the exposure or attention it’s getting because one idiot (unfortunately that moron is the president) brandished it.

Surely there’s other things we can channel our focus on, for example tackling this pandemic. Then those guys can call each other all the names under the sun and I won’t care. The term Chinese virus is one I don’t have any interest in discussing let alone using.

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Ah, I see the cesspit that is the current political climate here is still being debated in a calm and measured manner.


Trump wants a return to normal trading by Easter :eyes:

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He should lick a new york subway pole to prove it’s safe.

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Ever seen a salesman desperately trying to hype up something they know is shit?

That’s basically Trump.


It’s nice to see a hopeful message for people that are losing they jobs, be twisted because orange man bad!

So this is the new talking point from Fox news and other trump enablers. How incredibly irresponsible to even hint that this crisis is near its end. @mhappy you yourself hint this is a con (confidence) move. How about actually enacting the national emergency act and expanding unemployment benefits? How about forcing medical product companies to produce needed equipment instead of price gouging? No, instead he tells people things will be OK in two weeks.

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