The U.S. Politics thread - turd sandwich it is



How is that the same?

You know me personally? do the 10 you’re going to say get to that of me know me personally?

It’s not the same thing and you know it.


Try clicking it. it’s not what you think. it’s a report by Bill Still with no stupid graphics.


Don’t lie. You don’t have friends, a blogger told me so.


Not from any reliable news outlet, only ones owned by far right leaning views. You may aswell be linking stormfront links, which you are pretty near to in terms of credibility and politics

Like I say back away from the interwebz if you can’t tell the difference between reputable sites and complete bullshit merchants.


No it’s not the same, his is obvious irony, where as you absolutely believe the utter bullshit you post and try to justify it using the name of some utter fraud with absolutely no evidence of his accusations. And yes he is fraud who hasn’t worked where he’s claimed and you’re stupid enough to believe him.


People who are not left wing/right wing are usually far right. That’s what i have learned in my life.


The best description of the political spectrum in the west is the horseshoe effect… Where the extremes on both sides are actually closer to each other than the center. Polisci is a interesting stuff.


I find the traditional left/right with an added authoritarian/libertarian axis to be more useful


Where’s your illustration, sir? I brought visual aids to my argument.


Haha you made me chuckle. Ask and ye shall receive sir


Interesting. Fascism originated from a sort of anarcho-socialism.



Me and a few mates were doing this test today, it’s pretty interesting if you have a spare ten minutes or so.

I wasn’t surprised when I got my results tbh lol


Hey, if working in corporate America has taught me anything it’s people are impressed by graphics and buzzwords. If you can incorporate buzzwords into your graph… that’s how you close deals, my friend.


Outline your political ideals specifically in relation to the UK


This in response to NeedCoffee?


No, just curiosity


What I meant was, who are you talking to?


You, sorry


Green Party are probably the best fit I suppose. Though current Labour aren’t a bad fit.

I’ve shown you mine so show me yours :smirk:


Nice try sneaking fascism into the left, it’s far right


Only if wikipedia is your only source of polisci information. Fascism is an offshoot of socialism and, which, in my opinion, brings it more in line with left wing politics. Not just my opinion either… obviously.