The Transfer Wishlist Thread

What do Serie A/Milan watchers think of Leao’s potential as a CF? It seems like he struggled initially in Milan at the CF position but also was kind of dropped in the deep end as a very young player, then got pushed to the wing once both Ibra and Giroud were at the club. Could he move back to CF and succeed for a club like Arsenal now that he is older and more experienced?

We need to sort out this spine once and for all. Ramsdale, Gabriel, White and Partey is a good base. Now, it is time to get a high quality cm partner for Partey and a CF who top teams respect.

We’ve had and will have enough departures to empty the clip in filling these positions. With Guendouzi, Torreira gone and probably El Nenny, AMN and Xhaka going, we need to go all out to bring in some quality. I’d bring in two of Bissouma, Tielemans, Kessie, Sanches, Neves or Gravenberch. Because this is the wishlist, I’ll throw in the unrealistic options of Pogba and DeJong.

It’s very likely that Balogun will be the only striker on our books come July and he has 1 Premier League start. We need to replace Auba with Auba-level quality. It is a tough landscape though to find prolific forward who can cope with the physicality of the Premier League. I can’t actually think of a realistic option who I’d be happy with and can’t wishlist the likes of Morata, Shick and Isak.


I think it will be a big summer, bigger than last year. Looks like we already have a reserve GK to replace Leno, but still need another quality RB. But I agree with you that the midfield and striker positions are the two areas which we need significant investment. I don’t think Pogba or DeJong are realistic, nor do I think they are the right options for us.

There has been noise around Tielemans, Sanches, and Neves so these all look like legitimate targets. Striker is a really difficult one and there will be a lot of competition for top strikers in the summer. It will be interesting to see what happens with Mbappe and Haaland, who have both been linked to Real Madrid…would they be able to sign both players?

It will also be interesting to see what happens with Inter financially and whether we could go back in for Lautaro Martinez (notwithstanding his new contract), if we got back into the top 4 and CL football next season. DCL seems like a realistic option, but do think we need a really top quality addition.


Yeah, Pogba is not a player for Arsenal, too much risk of upsetting team chemistry which is overall on the right track now. The rest is pretty much spot on.

There is a possibility that a combination of Runarsson, Bellerin, Mari, Mavro, Torreira, AMN, Guendouzi and Nelson are back in the squad next season - they all have another year left on their contracts (Mari and Runnarson have 2).

A lot will depend on who we can shift permanently. A bunch of those names will be very difficult to sell. Probably worthless loans again before they leave for free?

Then you have Lacazette, Elneny and Nketiah leaving as free agents this July.

We will actively try to sell Leno as well. Xhaka is going nowhere imo.

I still think there’s too many unknowns as to how much money we’ll have to spend.

Could have something like 800k or more a week (c. £40m a year) off the wage bill (using Sportrac figures) if all of those guys leave (obviously we aren’t currently paying all of the wages of the loaned guys).

Of the 9 players who we will want out the door, there’s a good chance 2-3 are stuck in our squad, and more going out on loan again. It’s a big summer ahead but I think the squad won’t be fully cleansed until 2023.

Our wage bill is under £100m a year now which is crazy. So much room for the club to manoeuvre now.

Bellerin, Mavro, Torreira, and Guendouzi are not coming back. Deals are done/will be done. Can’t see a return for AMN either. I can see Mari and Nelson returning, but don’t see that their returns would impact upon our summer transfer business.

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Wonder if Arteta/Edu will keep offering guys like Willian, Mari, and Auba stupid contracts that they have to cancel a year or two later or they are gonna go all in on buying youth players now.

I’d like to see Raphina here. He’s an awful, rodent-like shithouse but just imagine him playing at forward instead of Meatsweat Lacazette.


We should go all out for him.

That’s the kind of player I hoped Pepe would be, so much drip in his game.

Could play for any top team in the league and kill it.


he will get poached by a bigger team i reckon…

That’s the worry but if we bag CL football we’d be right in the mix

And maybe even if not.

If Leicester City wants 50-60m for Tielemans that would be a tough ask when Nkunku will be on the market also. I would prefer Nkunku.

fantastic goal by LC

Tielemans with a Cesc special there

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You in the right thread pal ? :joy:

ooops lol

Feels like a Klopp signing to me.

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he was on my wishlist years ago, along with Mane and Salah… we’d have done ok targeting those three

All that talent coming from Southampton and we signed Cal Chambers. :santi:

Both Salah and Mane were good players when they moved to Liverpool but they broke through to levels I hadn’t anticipated.

I don’t even remember who we had in attack when they moved from Roma and Southampton. Probably Alexis?