The Transfer Wishlist Thread

Decent wasn’t he. There was a point when he was approaching the ref, Martinelli barged into him and Martinelli fell on his arse lol.

Sort of game he ups his level but be interesting to see if he turns in that kind of display weekly

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Single-handedly bossed 4-5 players on that left hand side. That was an immense performance.

He’s on loan from Middlesbrough. He’s been pretty good for Forest. I’m amazed Boro haven’t recalled him. They’re effectively strengthening a playoff place rival


Chelsea are also struggling to recall Emerson from Lyon, perhaps it’s not that easy?
Not sure what conditions they’re now putting in these loans.

Todd Cantwell has been discussed in this thread in the past. Having a really, really poor season. His head is not in it. There were rumours before that he is a bit of a brat. Wasn’t particularly sure about that before but his body language is a bit concerning.
Feel like he is throwing his career away unfortunately. Perhaps needs a change of scenery and a coach to talk some sense to him.

come home


Gnabry is brilliant, but I don’t know if we marginalise Saka and Martinelli to get him in. If we had even a sniff of signing a player of that ability though - you have to. A goalscoring winger like him or Sterling would be unreal.

Realistically though I would like Gini this month and a talented young midfielder like Gravenberch in the summer. The dream would be Bellingham or DeJong.

Unpopular, but I would still take Belotti. Physical, can hold the ball up and good presser. Fair enough he isn’t prolific though. I can’t think of any other realistic signings this January who wouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. Long term, we need Vlahovic.

Interesting that they seem to have prioritzed signing Coman over Gnabry, both in terms of which deal has gotten done and (if the reports are to be believed) also in terms of who has been offered more money.

Gnabry has been the more productive player in terms of end product over the last 2-3 years, but maybe Bayern have reason to like Coman’s future (or all around game) more.

I’m not interested in protecting players by avoiding signing top quality ones. If Gnabry is available and performing at a high level then he displaces any of our wingers and strengthens our starting line up.

Never been a fan of the idea that you should avoid signing high quality experienced players just to protect the minutes of a younger talent.

We are desperately lacking a high quality wingers and Gnabry (who I haven’t seen play much over the last 1-2 years) would fit that profile exactly.

Not saying this is realistic at all but if he was available and interested it’s a no brainer.


I’d love Gnabry to come back, can’t see him leaving Bayern really but do think we’d have a shot if he did because he’s always still shown a fondness for the club.

Bin Pepe for 25m and offer Kroenke’s ranch in exchange for Gnabry.

Didn’t Gnabry had a poor season in 2020-2021?

By the standard he set the year before, yes.

Right, so considering Bundesliga is a shit league, it wouldn’t be wise paying a premium for Gnabry right?

Did you not watch him rip Spurs apart in the CL? That alone is worth 50m :wink:

Spurs are a joke though. :grin:

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Took some time for Arsenal fans to turn proprietorial over Martial again. :rofl:

To be fair, if everything else collapses I wouldn’t mind him as backup to Laca.
Send van de Beek too while you’re at it.

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He’s shit


Link on BBC gossip today: Klopp accepta vendre'l, el Liverpool demana 20 milions i ha estat ofert al Barça de Xavi Hernández

Suggests Liverpool would sell Firmino for €20m in the summer due to age and injuries. I’m not sure it’s accurate, but he’d be the perfect rotation/backup striker for us. Better than Diego Costa anyway :laughing:

Anyone else agree that Declan Rice would be a perfect addition to our midfield? Right age, English, and profile of player. Still has potential to grow but already a starter for England. If we finish above Utd surely we should be looking to sign someone of this calibre…