The Transfer Wishlist Thread

It’s nice to think we are at least discussing these levels of players again.
Seems we haven’t realistically entered into this for awhile now.

You mean you didn’t enjoy discussing the merits of Ryan Fraser or Ever Banega?

What are you, some sort of plastic American soccerball fan?


Those were some depressing links.


That was a low point, as well as when we used to discuss buying Willian and Cedric, oh wait. :grinning:

I’d remind you that Jack Wilshere has been mentioned today.
Yes. It’s wrecked my fucking head. Shoot me.

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Btw, Ollie was pretty poor today. Kept losing the ball, almost gave a away a big chance to Benteke but Mings saved the day.

He better fix up because his real value is going down rapidly. Considering Villa will ask £50m for him, I don’t think anyone’s touching him at his current state.

On Vlahovic, I don’t see us signing him. Bayern, Barca, Madrid, Liverpool, City and Juve will most likely be looking at strikers next summer.
That’s stiff competition.

At this point I hope Balogun blows up and we solve that problem internally.

Count out Barca, Juve & Bayern for financial reasons

The rest will be chasing Haaland

Barca and Juve will find a way. Especially the latter has a way with fellow Italian sides.

I can see Bayern going big to replace Lewa.

And as for the rest chasing Haaland. That may be but at the end of the day only one will get him. The next best thing will probably be the Serbian.


You could just say “match fixing” or “bribery” nobody’s gonna sue you here.


I maintain he’s a Chelsea perfect fit.


Decent selection but is there a 20+ league goal striker on there besides Vlahovic who we’re least likely to get?


I don’t think Isak is out of our leave to be honest.

All eyes will be on Haaland and Mbappe this summer I think, and I don’t see teams like Chelsea, United, Liverpool etc. competing for strikers from that list. So I think we’re actually in a good place if we’re willing to shell out the $$$

I don’t want Toney personally, poor man’s DCL.

Dont know much about En-Nesyri or Bayo, but the rest would be very good options IMO

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It’s the other way round mate.

Look at the difference of how Everton have played since DCL has been out.

Then look at Brentford’s performances (who I believe have had Toney available throughout - could be wrong).
I haven’t seen anything special from him this season, although admittedly can’t say I actively pick out the Brentford games to watch.

DCL seems better in every area to me, what do you think Toney is better at?

We should sign one in January then sign the other in July. Since we like doing that

Toney is better with the ball and his game in general is smarter. He also works much harder too.
DCL has the edge in the 6 yard box which does get him goals but he’s pretty average in other areas.

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I think Toney is one of the best, if not the best, off the ball forwards in the league. Excels with hold play, aerial duels and general work rate whilst offering goals

DCL is a great poacher/fox in the box type, not sure about his general play

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I agree.

Would like to see more goal scoring from him though, if he demonstates that he can score at a consistent clip in this league then he’s a much superior option to DCL

What Toney does is what DCL needs to add to his game in order to become a more well rounded player.

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