The Transfer Wishlist Thread

Reece James obviously.

But yeah, the two you said are more realistic options.

Can we buy from our B team again?


If he could only head the ball too…

I think we should be on the phone to his agent…would be an excellent addition to our midfield.

Tino for me…Tomiyasu and Livramento would be two excellent options at RB. Cedric swap deal with Southampton anyone?

We need him here.

Yeap gotta drop the entire summer budget on a certified CF, especially if we make the CL


Move from him now and get ahead of the hoi polloi.

Can’t wait to drop £50M on Sterling instead



Imagine being upset signing Sterling when you have Pepe.



Our owners could afford both but yeah there’s nothing quite like a young striker to make transfer season exciting.

Sterling is a great player and Dušan could easily be the next Piatek but I’d roll the dice on him over Sterling. It’s a lot of projecting onto a relatively unknown player but that’s what transfers are about.

Play in the same side for England. So. .

How are Xhaka and Vlahovic gonna co-exist?

I’d go with that.
Sterling is proven in the PL and although Vlahovic is younger, we really need someone to step up and take over from Aubameyang straight away.
Saying that, both would be good, if we could shift Pepe and Aubameyang to help pay for it.

Why couldn’t Vlahovic do that?

It would be nice to have both but if it’s a choice between the two of them I’d prefer Sterling.
There aren’t many players who have his record of scoring and assisting in the PL and he is exactly the sort of player we need.

We are lacking goals and have been for several seasons so we have to get the best available rather than take a punt on young player from the Italian league.

He definitely could. Some people would rather sign a PL proven commodity. It feels lower risk.

It could be like signing Mané from Southampton or it could be like signing Maguire from Leicester.

Commodity is selling him well short. Come on he’s been a standout player in that city squad over the years.
He’s a player that stands comparison with all their talent in this period.
People overlook his fitness levels too. Very rarely injured for a long period as well. Comes here he’s an instant leader.

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Yeah, I’m on record saying I like him as a player. I’ve wanted him here in the past too but if we could sign him or Dušan, I’d want Dušan.

I just want us to fix the center forward position. I think Sterling requires another formation change. Not a bad thing though.

It’s pointless to argue about because we aren’t signing either.

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