The Transfer Wishlist Thread

Yep, these guys will have CL clubs after them. We’re way down the list.

However, if we by some miracle are close to top four in Jan then perhaps we could convince a player to join (and massive wages ofc).

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Don’t feel like a lot can be done in January in terms of incoming transfers, but hopefully we can get a few out. Namely, Kola, Holding, Nelson, Nketiah.

In terms of incoming players, a cheeky bid for Aoaur would be nice, but I’d rather wait until the summer for a Xhaka replacement. Hopefully next season, Martinelli and Saliba get elevated roles and we can focus on bringing in one or two bona-fide players and a Leno replacement.

Gravenberch (okay, he isn’t proven yet) and Zaha would be my picks.


I don’t think there is any chance of selling Holding in the January window. That may be different in the summer when Saliba comes back as that will mean we will sell one of Holding, Chambers or Mari.

Nelson is on a season long loan, so can’t see him going tbh.

Kola needs to just fuck off, but Nketiah and Leno are the most likely ones to go imo…not sure who we bring in as a replacement though (for Leno).

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Don’t care how much noise he makes, needs to be told to shut it and kept unless we sign a decent back up.

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If we keep this form up I would be careful with outgoings. We don’t want to disturb the momentum of the team.
For me only Elneny and Kola can go, the rest should stay here and finish off the season.


I agree, but can see them wanting to sell to get some sort of transfer fee back for him. Seems unlikely he will stay after the end of this season.

I forgot about Elneny…yep him and Kola can go. I also think Nketiah as well.

Dunno, Eddie looks like a new man since preseason. Every chance he’s got so far this season he’s looked good too. Ideally they manage to convince him to sign a new deal and we re-evaluate his situation next summer.

Interesting thread on the striker situation.

Notable names for me are Ivan Toney, Ollie Watkins, Amine Gouiri, Patrik Schick and Jonathan David.

My pick from the summer hasn’t changed. I know Villa have had a hard time this season and Ollie has only scored 2 goals but the guy’s game is immense. Pressing like a maniac, winning duels, he’s fast and can dribble and he can pass the ball too. Intrigued to see how he fairs under Gerrard now.
Next summer will certainly be very interesting.

The kid Julian Alvarez from River Plate looks pretty fantastic to me. YouTube scouting, so to be taken with a grain of salt. But he looks supremely talented, very versatile positionally, can dribble, create, shoot from distance, finish in the box. 15 goals and 6 assists in about 1100 league minutes in Argentina this year as a 21-year-old.

He could be a good option to bring in next summer as he could play up front alone or alongside Auba. Then when Auba leaves you bring in somebody with a different kind of profile the following summer.

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Dang we should have been on him in the summer. Maybe we can make a run at him next summer if we get CL football.

Partey and Saul is a dream CM duo


Why is Loftus Cheek & Barkley in that list? He is playing at Fulham.

They’re playing for Chelsea currently?

Unless I’m missing a joke?

Well if I am comparing minutes, I would be comparing with midfielders who are actually playing for Chelsea. I won’t compare minutes of players plying in lesser clubs.

But they are?

RLC literally played for Chelsea before the international break?

Ah my bad, I read the wikipedia wrong and thought he is playing for Fulham on loan.

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Only Chelsea midfielder I want is Gallagher.

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He’ll probably join us once in 30s like our last few Chelsea signings

If you could pick one for us to poach next summer who would it be?

For me it’s between Tino and Tariq.


Because there’s precisely a 0% chance any of the others would join us.